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Whats the best vaporizer to buy?????????????

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I wannaknow the best vaporizer to buy. I dont have a job so I have to save but not save up to much. Need advice plz thanks.
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  • peetr answered 5 years ago
Here's my standard review of vaporizers. Sorry it's so long.

There are a a few basic styles and dozens of cheap knockoffs. By cheap, I mean cheaply made, not always cheaply bought. Although the worst knockoff of the box style is a plastic piece of crap, at 40$, it's still not worth it.

-Whip style. Invented about 9 years ago. Original VaporBrothers box style .Most people who try the VaporBrothers box style vap would notice how bad most of the others are. It's effective, quick, strong and flavorful. Better quality parts than any of the others and cleaner taste and smell. Great service and warranty. $170 See tutorials

-Volcano and other bag styles. Some folks just love the Volcano. Works, but stale vapor, and not as quick as a whip style. People who try this style first, like it. 500$

-Globe style. Been around for decades, not very good.

-Knock offs of Vapor Brothers. Various shapes and styles in wood,metal,plastic; square shapes, round shapes and box style. Some ok, some really bad. Plastic ones stink. Cheap ones don't work for very long. 40$-200$ DaBuddah is ok, most of the rest suck.

-Knockoffs of the Volcano come in lots of styles, and don't look like the Volcano. Knockoffs don't work as well as the Volcano, and many of them stink. up to 500$

-Natural goods/ forced air style. Don't remember who made this style first, there are a few knockoffs of it. Most of the ones I've tested worked, some had bad smells and cheap parts inside. Heater failure was an issue. 200-300$

-Vriptech. Sells a heat gun and a huge bowl. Works, but noisy. Also have a corded hand held (looks fragile). 150$ and more

-Vapir. Generally weak. They have a hand-held too. Plastic smell. who cares what they cost, they're weak.

- VaporGenie . a hand held pipe with a method of indirect heating. Easy to carry, cheap to own.

-Other hand helds. Iolite and others. Most of the newer knockoffs and hand-helds are plastic and smell bad.

-Simple methods or handhelds. buy a big glass bowl and a heat gun at Harborfreight.com . 50$
Use a magnifying glass on a sunny day, adjust distance to bowl, try not to burn.
Use a glass bat and heat it lightly from outside the glass, try not to burn.

Happy hippy daze to you.


volcano and Vaporbrothers online store
Youtube has tutorials for many styles, including this fan page for the VB style.
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  • tulip answered 5 years ago
    If you can get your hands on epiliptus plant that's the best, most all vaporizer are derived from it. IF you grow it you'll save lots of money and many uses. You place it in hot water cover yourself with a towel and inhale.

    To buy, buy Vick's vaporizer, best brand in my opinion.
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  • Whats the best vaporizer to buy?????????????
    I wannaknow the best vaporizer to buy. I dont have a job so I have to save but not save up to much. Need advice plz thanks.
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