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hi need to convince a friend to rehome of his animals ?

my friend has hade a lot of bade things happen in his like at the momment but he has manny animals and confesed to me that he has not let them out for 2 months and that his care of them has dramaticl deteryated he curantly has 1 gunie pig 2 rabbits 9 fish AND a dwaf hamster i have groing concern for ther welfair as it is clear thay r not looked after his parants r stuborn and wont do them

i have hade many heated argument with him last year over the cageing arrangment ie size as thay r not let out he says 2 months but i beleve it is longer than that

gunie pig 2 foot cage by 1 foot wide hase food bowle and a waterbottle and a small foot stool for him to sleep under with no bedding

dwaf hamster 1 foot by 1 foot cage and has a wood block food and house never let out but hade a ball he ate a hole in and got away caught last year

2 addult rabbits 1 pregnatn in a normal hutch one of the 50 pound ones no toys just food thay r in his bedroom as well as the gunie pig

and what i am more concernd about is his fish 9 in all in a one foot and a half by 1 foot high and 1 foot and a half wide tank these are 5 gold fish 2 shbumkins and 2 minioes

its not his falt currently however in the past i argued e could have let em out for a hour insted of going of galvanting but WHAT SHOULD I DO / SAY if i hade enough room id take erm but my dog will try to hurt the rabbit and gunie pig and my room is full !!!!!!!

sorry for speling thanks for help

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    If I was in your position I would sit down and talk to him. I would start it with pets are hard to keep. They can be very expensive and time consuming. And you have so many I understand it could be overwhelming to keep so many. I would tell him he should find new homes for these animals or start giving them the living requirements they need. Tell him you will help him and put adds in the newspaper or craigslist and be able to interview the families to see if they are going to a good home. Tell him that it is just best for the animals and they are not living happy healthy lives like they should be. But make sure to tell him you understand he is just really busy. If you don't he will feel bad and not want to admit he just doesn't feel like taking care of the animals and get angry. If he does not rehome the animals you need to report him to animal control. They will investigate and hopefully these animals get better homes. Keep me informed with what happens.

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    I think that if you are genuinely concerned for the well being of the animals, maybe you should place an anonymous phone call to your local animal control. They can come and investigate and if they think the situation is unfit they can remove the animals from his home. I have quite a few animals myself and would never ever let them get to the point that the animals described above are at.

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    It sounds like all of the animals are living in pretty terrible conditions. I think that you should try to get your friend to re-home all of his pets. A 2x1 ft. cage for a guinea pig is way to small. If they are getting taken care of (which it obviously sounds like they are not), then they need to go to a good home ASAP. Good luck and hope the animals find good homes.

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    Tell him to either start giving them more care, or you'll be forced to call your country's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, good on you for caring :)

    Lyndsey x

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    I would call your local animal shelter and ask for their advice. If he still won't listen, I think you should report him for animal neglect. These innocent animals deserve much better than that!!!

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    call the pound

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