In Harris County Texas, Family Trial Docket Trial on Merits specifically in the 308th family/cilvil court.?

CPS case, 3 children taken out of the home and placed in kinship care. Now the is a court appearance on 05/10 for motion for permanency hearing, and the one above.


Sorry, the question was , What is a "Trial on Merits".?.

i realized my question was a statement.

HCDC only allows lawyers to view family caes.

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    Harris County District Courts schedule trials on two-week dockets starting each Monday, except designated "dead weeks". A motion for permancy hearing would be seperate from that. You can research case information online via the Harris County District Clerk's website. I have provided the link below. You will need to create a free user account (for privacy purposes) to view scanned copies of documents related to your case. You will also be able to see all previous and imminent court settings. Hope this helps!

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    Okay, so what is your question? If you want information about this case, see if the judge filed an opinion.

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