What do you think of WE ARE THE WORLD 25?

Personally, I thought it was a mess.

I mean, the rapping.. lil wayne.. the auto tune.. COME ON!!

I feel that original one is the better one, and they should have just done a whole new song and not a "remake".

Justin bieber.. miley cyrus? come on.

Where were all the really good singers?

Where was alicia keys and mariah carey

He made a bad decision but WHERE THE HECK WAS CHRIS BROWN?

he has the voice of an angel

Tell me how you felt about it.


@tiex or wutever your name is.

It sucked and it's my opinion.

Are you musically challenged or something?

Justin beiber and miley cyrus have good music. But no.. they were not meant to sing in that song.

Haiti has been suffering for some time now.. Why are they just starting to care now because of the earthquake? They should have been trying to help.

Like I said, They should have done a whole other song.

Update 2:

@lastasalifetime I LOVEEEEE YOUR ANSWER. It is exactly how I feel.

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    The theme was "new".

    "New" generation of artist.

    "New" sound.

    It was crap! This is why people shouldn't make remakes! We are the World is a classic! They destroyed it with the "new" sound and the "new" artists. The rap completely destroyed the song. It didn't flow right.

    About the singers: The original had great singers basically most of the greatest artists of the 80s. They represented the cream of the crop. This go round, they included mediocre artists like Justin Bieber. I don't understand. People like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus represent this generation? They are the best we have?

    Many artists believed that We are the World was untouchable and refused to be apart of it. I don't blame them! Even Lionel Richie said he was hesitant of redoing the song! and what the fudge was Wyclef doing? The beat of the song was a turn off too. It's not a dance song! You can sway not rock your hips to it you know?

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    I thought it was a mess too. Alicia Keys, Beyonce, John Legend, Brian McKnight, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and many other great people weren't there because of the auto-tune, some had conflicting schedules, and others didn't want to do it because they felt that that song shouldn't be redone. I t actually would've been a great remake instead of a remix of the first song if they hadn't included the kings of remixes "Lil' Wayne and T-Pain". Both of them are only remix artists, their regular songs are horrible. Plus both of them have no talent, so it kept me puzzled as to why Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie would even include them on that song. Michael Jackson would have never let that happen. But Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie just really love money and they felt that they would help the song sell. The song was more for the money than for the music.

  • Oh My Gosh!

    I Luuv Chris Brown!

    Thas Exactly What I Said!

    He Loved MJ Wayyyyy Beforr He Died,, Unlike Some Artists -_-

    I Think They Totally Ruined The Song..

    None Of The Singers Should Even Be Saying "We Are The World"

    Lmfao :) x

    Source(s): Edit: Jay-z, Beyonce etc Refused To Be In The Re Make Because They Didn't Wanna Ruin Tha Song..
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    I thought Lil Wayne was cool.


    But it was STUPID.

    Wtf@ all the Disney stars.



    It's only to get all the little kiddies obsessed with Miley, JoBros, Justin, etc to buy the song.

    Least Mariah's in "Everybody Hurts", but wth@Miley Cyrus being in there, too.

    They need to make something with REAL singers, not actors who try to act like they sing Miley Cyrus, and little kiddies who don't need to eff up songs like "We Are The World" in it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    LOL.....i totally agree. I saw Justin Bieber singing first, i was so mad....

    They could of least put some good singers in there

    I could understand Celine Deon and Jennifer Hudson

    But all these rappers and overrated popstars.....


    They should of written a new song

    If they did....i probably wouldn't care as much

    I understand they were doing it for charity....but

    I didn't like it.

    I still bought the song because it was for charity, and it was still nice. But i never listened to it...

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    Nice cause, but why they doing all this now, Haiti has had problems for ages :(

    I can't believe that douche Lil Wayne was on there, he makes me cringe and the autotune had me puking.

    Justin bieber singing LIONEL RICHIE'S LINES?!!! What was that about -__-.

    Highlights of the song, Michael Jackson and Janet; although her part weren't too big but it was nice to see her singing alongside Michael and also Pink, Celine Dion + Usher

    I kinda liked Wil.I.Am's part aswell...

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    1 decade ago

    To that girl above ^, Who are you to say who's going to hell or not?

    Who cares about who sings it? Atleast those singers even though they're not the best, atleast they accepted to participate to help.

    Seriously, you people always have to complain about everything.

    It was for a good cause so it doesn't really matters who sings it.

    And even though you don't think they should have made a remake, it's already done and nothings gonna change that.

    And what's wrong with Miley and Justin being in the song?

  • 1 decade ago

    LAME! No one can top the original. Mariah is not on top anymore. Stop being a fan of hers in the 90's so no loss not having her their either.

  • 1 decade ago

    it was horranle i mean why did they need rapping and half of the people where just standing there looking it was messed up michaels probaly pissed but i take that back he's so sweet he'd probally brush it off but not me they shouldnt have done that its so bad theyre going to hell for that one

  • 1 decade ago

    I liked the cause of it, but it didn't sound very good at all.. I mean, some parts were good, but most of it wasn't.. and Chris Brown was in it, but he only sang the chorus part..

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