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Earthquake 一問

我想問earthquake有什麼long term consequences / effects ? Paragraph 或 point form 皆可。 不過文字要簡單易明, 不好將一些網頁的文字全部copy, 搞到勁多深的專用語, 盡量像是一個初中生寫的。

Thank You !! :P

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    Long term effects of an earthquake

    1. Earthquake victims have to stay in the open area without food, water and shelter since aftershocks may last for weeks and threaten people's life.

    2.Diseases easily spread out because of the dead bodies and contamination of water by sewage. There may not be enough medicine to treat the people.

    3. It is difficult to resume normal social and economic activities owing to the disruption of transport links and the interruption of telecommunications.

    4. The psychological shock of the event for people is difficult to relieve.

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