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May是一個很醜的女生,又像一個男生。全班都笑她,又沒人跟她玩,所以她很不開心……她很想變漂亮,心想:“如果我變的很漂亮,那應該就會有很多人喜歡跟我玩!我就會有很多朋友!”所以她就去了一間名叫“Beauty Shop”的整容中心。店員問她:“請問有什麼可以幫到您?”



她從Beauty Shop的手術間走出來,她照照鏡子,就發現自己變漂亮了!她很開心。



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    May is a ugly girl.She likes a boy and her class mock嘲笑 her .No one play with her.So,she is displeased不開心 and she want to become beautiful.If I becomes good-looking,it can make more and more people to play with me and I will have many friend.she thought.

    May go to Beauty face-lift整容 shop.The shop assistant asked May,' What can I help you? ' ' I want to change my eyeglasses,nose and mouth,' May said.After five hours, she go out from Beauty Shop's operation手術 room.She illuminates照射 with a mirror and she is beauteous.漂亮She feels happy.

    She go back to her school and her classmates unacquaintance不認識 her.She is sad because her classmates unbelieve her.

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    May is an ugly girls and like a boy. Class all laugh at her, powerless people to play with her, so she is very happy ... ... she would like to become beautiful, thinking: "If I become very beautiful, and that there will be a lot of people like me play! I will have many friends! "So she went to one called" Beauty Shop "for cosmetic surgery center. Clerk asked her: "Are there any help to you? "

    On her staff, said: "I want glasses, nose and mouth are all replaced. "

    After a five-hour ......

    She Beauty Shop came out of inter-operation, she look in the mirror, they find themselves more beautiful! She was very happy.

    Back to school, the students did not know her, she was very sad! Told her classmates: "I am May! ! "But all no one believed

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