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I know that Hearing Coolant returning to Expansion Tank is "Normal" but should i see "Steam" out Overflow Tube?

.. that is on the side of the Pressurized Expansion Tank i have?

Im wondering if -seeing- Steam come out of the Overflow Tube is NORMAL, OR if that is really the head Gasket "Candy Steam" i dont know. The car Idles smoother, and the level was good when i started the car.. Fan comes on, Hose nice and squeezeable at Upper Radiator Hose.

I turned the car off, and i can hear the coolant returning. Kinda sounds like a Sizzle, but i wonder if that is Normal? Now, i shined the light under the passenger side tire where the Overflow tank is, and that was either the "Steam" as it made some heat Effects on the edge of the rubber tube, OR the "Head Gasket" Smoke.. i didnt take the cap off, its hot and i want its coolant to return.

The idle runs smoother.. and it SEEMS to hesitate ONLY when Cold.. it DIDINT do that when hot.. but i DID notice that it idled Rougher when i pressed the BRAKE Pedal? Is that even Possible? I press brake pedal, it hesitates a little.. what is that?

A modicum of comnined questions, im simpy wondering what is going on with my car, and what may be occuring. Thanks.

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    Sounds pretty normal considering the temperature differential - kind of like steam from my breath on a cold morning.

    A slight - extremely slight - difference in the idle quality may be because the vacuum booster is stealing some of the engine's vacuum to recharge itself when you press the brake pedal.

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