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what are other personality types?

What are some other personality types...? like shy, loud, demanding, caring..... etc... I know some but I don't really know proper names for it. can anyone list some. that would be great!!! thanks

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    First off, there are only 5 types of personalities according to ACTUAL psychologists

    1)Extraversion- warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity, excitement seeking, positive emotions

    2)Agreeableness- Trust, straightforwardness, altruism, compliance, modesty, tender mindedness

    3) Conscientiousness/Dependability- Competence, order, dutifulness, achievement-striving, self-discipline, deliberation

    4)Emotional Stability- Anxiety, hostility, depression, self-consciousness, impulsiveness, vulnerability

    5)Opennes to experience/Culture/Intellect- Fantasy, aesthetics, feelings, actions, ideas, values

    Secondly, any other trait not listed in the 5 is just a synonym for one of the 5

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