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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetInternetOther - Internet · 1 decade ago

Besides Fluther and Answerbag, what are some other Q&A sites on the internet?

I would like to add to my collection.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    ASK, FIND, ENLIGHTEN. These three words sum up what Blurtit is all about. Whoever you are, you’re welcome. Whatever you know, we’d like you to share it with us. Whatever you need to know.

    Mahalo Answers strives to help you get helpful and trustworthy answers to your questions as quickly as possible. Mahalo Answers has a points and levels system to encourage helpful participation.

    Offering a tip for the best answer to your question is a great way to quickly get a thorough answer.

    Create and vote on public opinion polls, share knowledge and express opinions in a dynamic social community.

    A place to ask questions, voice opinions and find friends.

    Answerly is a free service where real people research your questions and send answers to your email inbox in minutes

    Trusera is an online health network with real-world experiences and insights from people like you. Get answers about autism, fitness, breast cancer and more.

    Questioon is a social utility enabling you to pose questions to Google or Real People.

    Get real Answers from real people! is an anonymous Question and Answer site. In fact it allows users to ask fully anonymous question from their friends, colleagues, parents/kids …etc. and it also protects the confidentiality of the questions/answers so that other persons do not have access to it.

    Defuddle is a place to answer questions. When faced with dilemmas we make it easy to make up your mind. Ask a question, provide your choices (you can let other people suggest other options if you like), and see what the world has to say.

    Chat 1 on 1 with a knowledgeable, passionate person on practically any topic.

    Advisors help you over chat on any topic or category. Ask a question, experts answer.

    AskItOnline is a cutting edge online tool that allows you to efficiently create surveys and have others take them online using features like: -Drag & drop interface -Numerous themes to choose from, or create your own -Cross-platform support -Free & paid options to suit your requirements

    Ask it - Find it - Answer itAskeet is a community based Q&A repository. Anyone can post a question about any subject, or answer an existing question. Registration and use are completely free. If you need an answer, ask your question, register to its RSS feed of answers, and just wait until your news aggregator pops out with an answer. Questions and answers can be rated, so that the most interesting questions and the most useful answers come first. If you have knowledge to share, pay askeet a visit from time to time, you might even earn some money.

    Fluther thinks there’s still nothing better than getting an answer from a person. Therefore, they made it easier for you: just ask Fluther, and they'll direct your question to people who can help. Simple as that.

    Ask500People built to gather input and opinion data in minutes instead of days, and to create a platform that other applications can integrate. Users can ask a question and see other people answers in real-time. (like a living pool)

    What Should I Say? Is a new question and answers site that uses YUI, JSON, and other libraries to subtly use Ajax throughout.

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  • polnau
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Yeah, i've got are available in the process it a pair of times. i assume this is all perfect once you're finding for info, yet i think of Y!A is extra perfect. That place is so... chilly. this isn't any longer something yet boring ol' counsel, while on right here this is one huge community, P&S is a super kin. Even the dullest, maximum counsel-packed type on right here has character interior the solutions. certainly, come to think of of it, i think of the avatars certainly make a great distinction. besides, yeah, I ain't leaving Yahoo! solutions any time quickly!

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