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I need to make an important decision soon (details inside)?

Let me first say this, I beg for anyone to at least read this because this is what this website is about? right? Helping others. This is an important decision that I need to make soon.

A few years back, I had a freak baseball accident where I got hit in the left eye with the baseball during the game. I don't want to explain it all but all you need to know is that I am fine and I have the normal vision I had before. This happened while I was in 8th grade by the way. But this accident didn't stop me. I tried-out for the Freshman team for my High School next year and made it fortunately. I had an okay season, not anything special nor bad, but I could have improved it.

Now I'm in 10th grade and I am having doubts about whether trying-out for the JV baseball team at my school. I am having doubts because I'm still having thoughts about that accident I mentioned above happen again (even though it was a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance). The thing is, everyone I know like my parents especially and my friends, after telling them that Im not going to try out this year, were upset about the news. They said your a great player and all and etc..

Now, my question is, should I try out for the team this year (JV)?


If anything sounds unclear, please mention it cause im a bad writer sorta

Update 2:

I also don't want to too much stuff cause then you'll probly get impacient

Update 3:

@Sarah: The ball hit me so hard, that i was unconscious for a few minutes and had to been taken to the ER. Eventually, they had to cut my eyelid to get all the blood out (Gross I know).

But i acknowledge your point about whether I love baseball with a passion. I played on travel teams when i was younger and i had a blast. I play basketball too and i love the sorry to say but im unsure if i have a passion for baseball as much for basketball

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    Wow, I thought for sure this was going to be one of those "I'm 14, can I play in the Majors" questions again but it turned out to be a well written honest question.

    This is common. Someone suffers a sports related injury and they are afraid of it happening again. It's totally natural. If you don't want to play, don't play. What other people think means absolutely nothing. It's what you want. You'll find something else and everyone else will end up being happy.

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    I think you should try out. It sounds like you have a grasp on it (you know how unlikely it is that it will ever happen again) so it's just a matter of pushing through those doubts, which is obviously easier said than done.

    The bottom line is you seem to love baseball. You probably wouldn't be struggling with this decision if you didn't love baseball. So keep in mind that if you decide not to try out YOU WILL REGRET IT.

    Will that regret be worth putting your fears of another accident to rest, or will you wish you'd've taken that chance to do what you enjoy?

    I can't speak from personal experience because I never had an accident like that. Plus, I never played past little league because I was never very good. But now I'm in college and to this day I wish I'd've worked harder to try and improve. So as someone who believes regret isn't worth avoiding risk, I say give playing a shot.

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    Absolutely, you should have the same mind set "This didn't stop me". Every year players your age get better and better so the odds of that happening again are very small. If you didn't have any about trying out for the freshman team you shouldn't have doubts for the JV team. This happened to me when I was 9 when I was someone who just stood in the outfield. But I still play now and I am a catcher now. Go out for the team and I wish you my best.

  • Sarah
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    Actually, something similar happened to me, except I play softball. I got hit in the eye with the softball during tryouts. I had a black eye, but the only thing I cared about was making the team. I finished tryouts that day and never even considered quitting, because softball is something I love. Do you love baseball? If you love it, don't quit it. I guarantee you will regret it later in life. If you are afraid of getting hit again, you have to work through it. Practice fielding until you're not afraid anymore.

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  • Eric
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    10 years ago

    Oh my goodness, you remind me exactly of me! That incident will never leave your mind, I got hit 4 years back right in the nose. Broke my nose instantly. It took me about 6 months to get over my fear though. You will come out of this! And if you're a good player, than go for it!!! Everybody use to tell me,"If you're afraid of the ball, you're gonna get hit with it again". And, so, I let all my fears go, and I started playing like a natural again, only 6 months after I got hit! Sure, every time I take the field, it crosses my mind, but I just forget it about it later on.

    And you're exactly right about the odds, it is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance on the number I believe.

    GO FOR IT BRO! Don't miss this opportunity, You could actually go pro! Very likely you could earn scholarships, or a pro contract, or a minor league contract, the opportunities are endless for this sport

    EDIT: also what I did, I practiced with soft strikes for the first 6 months, so if I got hit with them (which I never did) it wouldn't hurt. I try to pretend when I play with real baseballs, they're soft strikes. So it works out good :)

    Source(s): baseball player my entire life. Plus, had a dramatic injury quite like yours.
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    Go out for it. It's the love of the game, right? Injuries do happen, but it seems that you want to play baseball, so go out for it.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Definetely. Practice will make you more and more comfortable out there. Look what happened to Dustin Pedroia. He got hit in the eye and was scared to take another ground ball. Now he's back out there, fearless and ready to rock. You can do the same.

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    i really think you should try out. you might regret it later in life if you didn't go out for the team. if you really love baseball, don't let that accident stop you from playing! (:

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    The descision is totally up to you

    None of us can answer your question, only your heart can say how bad you want it. I experienced a concusion similar years ago and decided to keep playing and its really paying off.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    well, you should ask yourself this: how did you feel last year during each game? did the accident negatively affect your enjoyment and passion for the game? and are these feelings of doubt stronger in the offseason or between games?

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