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Did you know NFL athletes are the best in the world?

How do we define an athlete? Speed/strength/size? The NFL leads in all of these categories. Strength: Larry Allen has bench pressed 700lbs, Justin Geisinger, Jason Whitlock, Casey Hampton, Sam Rayburn & a host of other players routinely bench over 650lbs. Sam Rayburn squats 960lbs & about 100 other NFL players squat over 800lbs

Speed: Chris Johnson (Titans) runs a 4.24 (sec) over 40 yards or 10.30 over 100 metres. DeSean Jackson, DeAngelo Hall & about another 50 NFL players run 4.30 (sec) over 40 yards. This is world class speed!!! Usain Bolt the fastest man on the planet runs 9.58 over 100 metres (only a difference of 7 tenths of a second)

Size: Every team in the NFL features a group of players standing 6'7/6'8 and weighing in at 370lbs. These guys can move too!! The best athletes are Linebackers/Running backs who generally weigh around 250lbs with 5% body fat!!

The above data is FACT!! The logic is undeniable, no matter what you may think of the game the NFL hosts the world's best athletes, bigger, stronger & faster than any other players in any other sports code!! Remember this the next time you bag or insult NFL players because they wear helmets, they need to because of the high impact of the game!! A game is only as tough as the men who play it!! Peace out!!


Guys I'm getting all this hate but you still cannot show me any player in your game who can come close to matching the factual stats I have provided. So my claim still stands "The NFL has the world's best athletes" And for those who have no idea, they stop & start in the NFL alot because they have a thing called strategy in the game, it's not just pointless running around making stupid scrums!! NFL athletes could play continiously for 60 minutes but it is not part of the rules of NFL football!! Yank propaganda are you serious? You keep telling yourself that if it is easier to believe than the truth!!

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    Your NFL rant states "...the NFL hosts the worlds best athletes, bigger,stronger & faster than any other sports code" and "The NFL has the world's best athletes". WHAT AN INSULT TO EVERY AMERICAN ATHLETE who has represented your country at World Championships and Olympic Games to be told that your NFL players are better than them. How many NFL players have Olympic Gold Medals to PROVE they are the best athletes in the world as you claim ?

    Mingling in every ATHLETES VILLAGE at every Olympics you'll see YOUR sprinters rubbing shoulders with weightlifters, swimmers, javelin throwers, marathon runners, boxers, gymnasts etc -- ALL athletes BUT SURPRISE SURPRISE -- NO NFL ATHLETES !!!

    So this logic of yours is undeniable eh? - you keep the best for NFL and send the rest to the Olympics ?

    Frankly, the only logic that can be applied to your question is that when one stated fact is totally disproved and shown to be anything but fact, the entire argument (as we say down-under) "goes down the dunny" (viz toilet)

    I could spend all night pulling your question to pieces line by line but there is no need. You have already INSULTED EVERY WORLD CLASS ATHLETE America has ever produced and 99% of your fellow countrymen, if they read this.

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    opinions are like arseholes everyone has one. A number of questions for you though- can nfl players run around getting bashed by opposition players for 80 minutes, 40 minutes at a time with a 10 minute break between, can they alternate from offensive to defensive at the drop of a hat, can they perform all the skills of running, tackling and kicking accurately both long and short, the list is endless. Comparing nfl to any other ball sport is a useless exercise. The athletes in nfl have a different fitness regime and fitness level but it isn't particularl any better than say Rugby Union. nfl doesn't interest me unless it is the super bowl and then I only have a passing is not on the world stage and it never will be. Rugby Union, however is played in over 120 countries and has a world cup which is, by the way, the 3rd largest sporting event in the world behind the olympics, and the football(soccer world cup). The USA struggle to make the final 20 in the rugby union world cup and generally are out of it after the first round, so much for your primed athletes. This argument is null and void. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Some of You Americans are such a big headed arrogant lot, unfortunately a lot of you cannot see the forest because of the trees.No wonder the world is starting to see you all as a joke.

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  • Anonymous
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    1. NFL players wear padding so they don't hurt themselves AFL players don't so who is tougher?

    2. Having big muscles doesn't make you strong. Watch the worlds strongest men they don't have the biggest muscles and would easily beat any NFL player.

    3. Weighing heaps does not make a great athlete. Being tall does not make a great athlete. So are you saying any tall heavy guy is a great athlete?

    4. NFL players play in 10 second short bursts if that but AFL players play continually. I would like to see an NFL player try to keep up with an AFL player who runs 15km a game.

    5. Also they don't stop and start the game for strategy. It stops and starts becuase of the rules in the game.

    6. And as for factual stats where is the link to prove what you are saying?

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  • Anonymous
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    listen here mate- AFL requires endurance. Whereas the NFL may have better stats in those, i highly doubt NFL players would be able to cover 15-16 kms a game. Would NFL players be able to run around at that speed for 120+ minutes? Would their fitness, etc. carry on? Besides, you guys have africans who are amazingly athletic naturally. It just comes to africans. sorry if i sound racist, but everybody knows its the truth.

    In the AFL sprint speed doesnt count for too much. You can have 3 or 4 pacy midfielders, thats all a successful AFL team needs. Strength has a bigger impact, but most of it is to do with agility. AFL is all about the agility to somehow get in front of your opponent to stop him/her taking that mark or getting that pass away. 10.3 over 100 metres? I'm pretty sure Andrew McLeod, just 3-4 years ago could beat that. This is a 33 year old man we're talking about. And like the above answers said, pretty much anyone in our league could slaughter anyone from your league over long distance, like 1 km or even 1.6km.

    As for strength, bench presses only measure upper body strength, which isnt that important in our game, so its not worked on too much. Leg strength is where it counts, again. AFL players have far greater stamina than NFL players. NFL fields are only 109.7 metres by 48.8 metres. The smallest afl field in australia is still several times larger than that. The sydney cricket ground is the smallest AFL stadium in the country. It is 160 metres by 139 metres. Some of the largest are up to 170 m long.

    Longest kick in the NFL- 98 yards/89 metres

    There's generally 4-5 kicks longer than that per season.

    Longest kick in the AFL- 94.48 metres

    Largest ever crowd for an AFL match- 121,696, from a population of just 12.26 million. That means 1 in 100 people in the country turned up for that game in 1970.

    footy is free flowing and doesn't stop every 2 minutes just for ads, American Football is boring, have you ever watched a game of rugby or Aussie footy? Aussie rules is superior, watch it, you will see.

    They don't stop for 10 years to yell, "78 684046 HUT" or whatever. And for tactics: our coaches tell the players what to do during the breaks. We also have runners that tell players specific strategies at any minute. Why the NFL refers to "football" is beyond me. It's Handball. End of story.

    fatal injuries??? i watched 10 minutes (i got bored) of the superbowl 43 coz ben graham who used to play AFL was in it for the cardinals and there wasn't any injuries and big hits or anything likely to cause an injury, seriously no injuries, they are still too scared even with padding on.

    Aussie rules is 151 years old

    american football is only 40 odd years old

    older the better.

    Source(s): to use an english expression: Shove off! the AFL is gonna put the skitters in your Alan Whickers, you Plonker! You're all fur coat and no Trousers, you are
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    Mate, who cares. None of your precious meatheads could last two hours of constant high paced running. Can they cover ten plus kilometers a game? Highly doubt it. In anycase trying to compare the physical attributes between NFL and AFL players is pointless because the games are so different, it's like comparing apples with a peice of dog **** in terms of taste. If you dont think there is strategy in AFL then you've never watched a game in your life and I dont mean just actually following wear the ball goes and what the players do, it's also the behind the play stuff as well.

    Let me point out something to you that may have been lost on you. The facts you stated are only relevant to NFL. You dont need to be 365 pound running and smashing behemoth's in the AFL because it's simply not necessary. Your "FACTS" bear no correlation to what physical attributes are needed in the AFL.

    Take a flying leap somewhere away from here with your pointless facts.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No player can come close because each sport has their own individual differences and so players are moulded to that. You cannot compare AFL to NFL or even NRL. Its like comparing ping pong to rugby - no go. Sure you may say NFL players are fast, strong what ever but chuck them in our game and most of them would be screwed and vice versa. So I tells you stop being a gorilla, enjoy ur NFL and stop trying to start stuff.

    Because push me again and as a sport scientist I will unleash my full fury of knowledge as to why NFL doesnt have the best athletes and you'll run away crying having had your vision of the world changed forever.

    Source(s): Dont mind watching NFL.
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  • ?
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    I spent 2 years in the states in the 80s, became a devout raiders fan while i was there, they were the oakland raiders then they were the LA raiders, Jim Plunkett was the QB Came from San Jose in California, and I like everyone else was caught up in the hype of american football, was impressed me was how the television stations controlled football, especially the monday night games, they decided who played on the monday night not the league.

    you make so many claims, yet you leave a few facts out. when i was there every player or near every player was topped up on steroids, a common practice in NFL/AFL and dont say rubbish , Lylle Alzedo, a line backer for the raiders died of steroid abuse while i was there. a thing that really gets up an americans nose is the fact they have to be the best at everything they do, and if they are not, then just manipulate the facts to show they are. your knowledge of AFL seems to be rather lacking, if I talk american football at least i know something about it. we do not have "scrums" in our game that is rugby, NFL players play continuously for 60 mins , dont make me laugh. come back when you know something about our game

    Source(s): Just one point JULES, "they" dont go over there and "blitz" it , recruits for NFL gridiron, have always gone over to fill one position, that of kicker. which is a non contact (or rarerly) position.
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  • 1 decade ago

    No I did not know that NFL athletes are the best in the world.

    And after your "facts" I still don't believe NFL athletes are the best in the world.

    I think they are good at their sport, which I understand is waiting 10 minutes every time just for one throw to be made.

    On the other hand you have AFL which is non-stop excitement, tackles, goals, handballs, marks, speccies and more.

    and NFL?

    9 minutes is up and the ball still hasn't been thrown.....

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  • Chorus
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    1 decade ago

    Define "athlete".

    Because everyone has their own different definitions.

    And I'm sure over 100m Bolt would crush them all by far more than 7/10 of a second.

    If those men are so tough why do they only play for 20 seconds (if that) at a time, and use all that padding?

    If you came here to hate, just go away.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no, the above data is not fact, merely yank hype put forward by the NFL who i imagine have a public relations section churning out never ending garbage for the already converted. well, sorry you are not going to make any converts here, best athletes in the world, they can run for at least 15 or even 20 seconds, then the play ends, and they can have a rest, my how taxing

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