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Is Pacman afraid to fight Floyd Mayweather drug free?

So much has been made about Floyd being afraid to fight Pacman but truly is it the other way around. For Forty Million I will fight anybody anywhere clean drug free so I ask again is Pacman afraid of Floyd

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    Everyone tests positive until they get caught, so I don't understand why you say for his whole career he has never tested positive, that proves nothing. For the other guy how do you get proof if you don't ask for tests, The Mayweather camp gave good reason to be suspect.

    And since 1 January, 2009 competitors in athletics, football, cricket and tennis – among others – have been obliged to provide details of where they can be located for a one-hour period each day, seven days a week, between 6am and 11pm.

    So they have random drug testing in most major sports. Random tests are the only way you can be really sure someone is clean.

    Declining a drug test for any reason makes you suspicious, point blank period. If your job asked for random drug tests and you declined you would be out of a job.

    So my answer to this question is, I don't know if it makes him afraid but it for sure makes it seem like he is on drugs.

    to answer tell:

    Yes that implies he is guilty of taking some kind of drug. but it should not be for each and every game, that's to often. It should be random so the threat is there. But boxers fight at most four times a year so it should be often for them and mandatory before every fight

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    im not sure if mayweather is afraid or not one thing i do know mayweather has been known to dodge dangerous opponents and manny is no exception perhaps more dangerous then cotto and mosley. i do think this fight will eventually happen in early 2010 late 2010 if floyd wants be recognized as one the best he will have live up to the billing and go through manny and likes of sugar shane mosley.(who by the way is fighting like he's 25 again) valero has tremendous power. however jmm isn't afraid of him he's looking for big money house hold name.. valero is great boxer and very dangerous but doesn't generate money like mayweather.. more to gain fighting mayweather.if he loses he wins because big money. if he wins he gets money and beats mayweather perfect record win win situation

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    Seems like you got 2 questions in that sentence -

    1. Is Pacquiao afraid? No. He has fought bigger and stronger guys and is continuously seeking bigger opponents. He's not afraid to lose in a fight.

    2. Is Pacquiao drug free? Maybe yes, maybe no - no one can answer that for sure except himself. The NSAC should compel him to submit to drug tests because he wont take orders from floyd mayweather - rightly so. But as for now, he is innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand it is a widely known fact that Floyd Mayweather has been using xylocaine and its a banned substance in sports. It is an anesthetic agent that numbs the fighter's body for an hour or so and makes him oblivious to pain thus enabling him to receive punishment (unnecesarily) from his opponent. Referees won't stop a fight unless a fighter VISIBLY shows he is seriously hurt, unable to defend himself, or in peril of getting seriously hurt by his opponent.

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    The question is, if you can read it right - Is Pacman afraid to fight Mayweather drug free?

    Your answers are:

    I can provide proof that Manny isn't who he says he is.

    1. He cheats on his wife, why wouldn't he cheat boxing for millions of dollars?

    2. Pacquiao Knows he has ZERO chance of being elected. He continues to run for popularity ONLY,

    3. Pacquiao asked what would the penalties be if he tested dirty,

    You sound like a politician mudslinging another electionist. You must be one.

    The correct answer is NO. His last fights were against bigger opponents and he is not afraid of losing to anyone including floyd. He risks his record every time he climbs the ring and only mean to please boxing fans in all his performances. He continuously seek bigger challenges in a division he even does not belong. He is a junior welter and struggles to keep the weight as full welter.

    His personal life is none of our business. Anybody can run for an office in a democratic state. ESPN analyst teddy atlas has been ridiculed already for writting about emails he supposedly have just heard of and when asked, he could not back it up with real sources. Jezz haven't you been reading the news lately?

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    Let me answer you back by bringing up another question:

    If FM really wants an equal playing field, he should've introduced that drug testing protocol first time he announced his comeback fight with JMM. Or atleast, organized a PressCon (or appear in TV) and encourage all athlete to submit themselves to such protocols before every competition, but he didn't, WHY?

    Another question, do you think those award-giving bodies will give Pacman all the accolades if Pacman is suspicious? I don't think so.


    If he refuses to, then he is guilty? What kind of a mindset was that?

    Tell you what, you're gay, now prove me wrong. If you refuse to, then you're really gay.

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    No. Floyd is just jealous that someone is better than him so he resorted to mudslinging to destroy Pacquiao in the court of public opinion. The Gayfeathers camp lacks credibility. You have here a crime family of convicted drug pushers campaigning for a drug free boxing. How credible can that be?

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    This logic is stupid. Pacman (unlike Mosley) has never been proven to use any PED in the past.

    The proof of the burden should rest on the accuser. If there is NO PROOF, why would anyone require a test.

    If this is the case then I wan Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Drew Brees, etc to take the Olympic Drug style of testing because they LOOK to ME like they are using PED and there is NO WAY in the world they can being doing what they are doing w/o using PED.

    This is the exact logic that Kentucky Floyd Chicken is using and it's plain dumb.

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    No offense, but this question makes no logical sense. Pacquiao for his whole career has never tested positive for any PED's or steroids. Also, Pacquiao has passed all the NSAC testing required for fighting in Nevada. He also agreed to blood testing in the planned fight against Mayweather, even 14 days before the fight (same duration as the Hatton fight). Flomo Ghayweather and his cohorts created this rumor mill to 1) defame Pacquaio's reputation and 2) to wiggle his way out of fighting Pacquiao. In this country, it's innocent till proven guilty. Flomo Ghayweather and his cohorts have not provided one shred of evidence of Pacquiao taking anything nor have they provided any people who have witness seeing Pacquiao taking PED's. So I guess the question should be "Why is FLOMO GHAYWEATHER scared to fight Manny Pacquiao?"

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    Floyd is not the official drug testing body, so if he dictate what he wants then he ought to kiss his stinky whiny azz like a fhaggot because that is what he really is.

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    why do people use the "he has never tested positive before" excuse...mosley NEVER tested positive before either and was easily able to beat the NSAC testing ( which experts have gone on record to say the testing used in boxing is a joke).

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