What is space ?????????????

What is meant by space when saying spacetime ?

I know that space is a place where there is a vacuum and forces are almost negligible.

What does it also mean that space is not absolute ?

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    Space is not absolute it is flexible

    B4 einstein.. people thought that time is a consant(absolute)! in other words you cant change it or, it doesnt speed up or slow down IE: we all age at the same rate.

    SPACE was also considered a constant IE: the 3 dimensions of our world are not flexible (meaning you cant bend the "fabric" of space).

    Einstein showed that these two constants are actually flexible AND that the rate and way the flex is interrelated mathematically.

    (like displacement of water when one takes a bath, the level of the water is directly effected by your body)

    This was called the Fabric Of SpaceTime

    So, if you slow down time.. your bending space(extreme gravity also bends space)

    We live our daily lives in a realm where there is very little spacetime bending but time passes very quickly because we move very slow compared to the speed of light

    the faster you go to the speed of light the greater the bending of spacetime and the slower you will age.

    Space itself is a network of rules (up down left right and in out) space is stretching as the universe expands out from the big bang.. what exists beyond this point is a mystery, im sure you can find theories i dont know any...

    So space is like the pallet where the art of nature can paint. It seems to like painting physics! Quantum and general relativity

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    Really good question. Vaguely, space is what is referred to everything between the planet and the stars. Oddly enough, there is a lot of "space" inside each atom; ~90% space. But is it just nothing? No, there is "substance". Mostly just random molecules sort of waiting to find a home. Can sound travel in space. Actually, it can. Although we are not loud enough for the sound of our voice to go from on person to another, we know there are low-frequencies that can travel through space. And the lack of molecules is what makes it cold, since there isn't much "substance" to hold energy, especially heat energy.

    Space-time is often said to be interwoven; as denoted by Einstein. Where there is space, you have time. When you change time, you change space. They are connected like the color of your skin is to your hand.

    I'm unsure about space is not absolute.

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    *----------------------------------------------------------Scientific Truth on Space-----------------------------------------------------------*

    1. Space is filled with virtual particles.

    2. Virtual particles are responsible for giving 90% of mass.

    3. Virtual particles are filled in every rack part of our Universe.

    4. Even Universe as a Whole is filled 90% with Virtual Particles.

    5. Virtual Particles are popping in and out of Existence in Space.

    6. Space is Vacuum filled with Energy called Dark Energy.

    7. Dark Energy is rushing the Galaxies apart from one another.

    8. Virtual Particles pop in and out of existence with some information or variables called Hidden Variables.

    9. The pair of Virtual Particle collide and disappear Faster than Speed of Light.

    10. This collision causes to appear darkness in Space and form energy.

    11. The experimental evidence leads that Empty space between Proton and Quarks is look like popping existence.

    12. Virtual particles are responsible for giving 90% mass of Proton and Particles inside the Atom.

    13. According to "A Universe From Nothing" the Energy of Our Flat Universe is Precisely Zero.

    14. Because, Gravity is negative energy and that negative energy of Gravity balances with Positive energy of Matter and the total of Universe is Zero.

    15. The Mathematical calculations predicted that Total Energy of Universe is Gazillion times the Matter we see.

    16. That's why This Nothing Ways Something

    17. This is the Worst Prediction in all the Physics.

    Space might look like below described Image.

    *----------------------------------------------------------Einstein's Idea On Space--------------------------------------------------------*

    1. Einstein's realized Newton was wrong on Space.

    2. Newton predicted Space is Static, Where as all events happen normally.

    3. But, Einstein told "Space is not Static."

    4. According to General Relativity, Space is Curve due to the presence of Matter.

    5. Space can Bend, Twist and can Repel.

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    Space is the name given to dimensions - length, width, and height. Space-time is the name given to four known dimensions - length, width, height, and time. As for space not being absolute, I don't know. I have never heard that before.

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    Space consists of the three spatial dimensions. It's the medium that makes up the universe, in which all things exist.

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    My mother says space is whats between my ears, and it's like 12:30 PM here right now!

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    MMMMMM yeah...you mean.....MMMMMM....like.....MMMMM.... I need S P A C E.

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