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Alice in Wonderland question?

so i was talking to one of my friends the other day and he told me he was reading alice in wonderland. he started to explain to me that the author wrote that book because he was like raping this girl or something... is it true? im so confused

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    Alice in Wonderland was written for the joys of knowing a charming young girl who was the daughter of a colleague at Oxford University. She was Alice Liddell, who lived a long life and a good one, no doubt helped by the good friends she had when she was a little girl.

    Lewis Carrol was Revd. Charles Dodgson, a lecturer in Mathematics at Oxford.

    Being nice to children is not a crime. It is expected, proper, and normal human behaviour.

    Alice through the Looking Glass followed Alice in Wonderland and is a mathematical book concerning pure maths and logic written as a children's story.

    Have a read of it sometime.

    Your friend is confused, or just plain bl**dy minded. Street talk is rarely true. Only one other answer above is actually true, and that is from Dolkite.

    The rest are just idle gossip and unjustifiable.

    Below is an extract from a document concerning the missing pages of his diary, a part of one of which has been found

    We can assume that as a result of Dodgson's letter to Mrs Liddell on June 27 she either wrote to him or asked him to the Deanery. In either case she told him there were rumours circulating about him and 'the governess' and 'Ina'. As a result he was either told to stay away, or they agreed that it would be safest for him to do so for a while. No mention of Alice, nothing to suggest the business had anything to do with her at all.

    The paper in the Dodgson archive means that we must recognise how much of Dodgson's life remains a mystery, and that a great deal of the current biographical 'truth' is no more than supposition dignified by repetition. . . . . . .

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    I in no way felt fairly scared by it, however the tale certainly would desire to have a hidden darkness as maximum modern adaptions of the tale have been of the horror type. in case you relish being scared, you could try McGee's Alice computer video interest. this is fairly sturdy yet slightly dated now, so probable you will discover it fairly much less costly. the interest narrates the tale of Alice, some few years after the Wonderland adventures, she's grown dark and cynic and now she would desire to return and forth a very twisted wonderland. Cheshire's Cat is very creepy.

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    No, it's not true. Lewis Carroll had a nonsexual fondness for very young girls, especially photographing them (not nude). Photos were taken with the consent of their parents, usually colleagues of Carroll's at Oxford.

    Alice is based on Alice Liddell, the daughter of another professor at Oxford.

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    he was in a mental asylum while he wrote it is what ive heard.

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    its got to do with rape and a mushroom trip.

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    That is a fact.

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