For those who like other sports besides Baseball. Do you dislike your most hated Baseball team more than ->?

Your most hated teams in other sports? Me for example i dislike the Cowboys(NFL) & the Lakers(NBA) more than i dislike the Red Sox. Anyone else feel this way?

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    10 years ago
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    Haa, I see what you mean.

    & I'm with you I hate the Cowboys way more then I hate the Mets. && I don't watch much basketball to even know who the Sixers rival is, but when the Sixers were good I remember everyone hating the Lakers. As for the Flyers their Rival is the Penguins and I hate them a lot but I hate the Cowboys much more.

  • 10 years ago

    I hate the Patriots(NFL) because they think they are so good and pay so much money for **** because I can't say they aren't good but cmon now they are too overrated. I dislike the Knicks (NBA) because they seem to do not make an effort to get the key players they need in order to have a shot at success. Sorry if you are a Yankees fan and I know you will probably not vote for me as the best answer if you are but I have to be honest man I really hate the Yankees because they seem to get everything with money and try to make people think that we shouldn't dislike them because of that. If you have the money to make the best team in the MLB go ahead and do it but don't be rubbing it on everybody's face because that't not something to feel proud of because if they didn't have any money, would they be a good team? No because their farm isn't as good as the other team's who make a run at the playoffs and perform even better than them sometimes and don't have that arrogance. By the way my favorite baseball team is the Red Sox because I was born and raised around Red Sox's fans but I also like the Dodgers a lot.

  • 10 years ago

    I dislike the Yankees much more than I dislike the Lakers and the Colts or Jets. I've been a baseball fan longer and have had more time for my hatred for the Yankees to develop over the years =P Also the Sox had been the underdogs for so many years, constantly being beaten up by the Yankees. The Celtics DO have more NBA titles than the Lakers so technically they are better, and the hatred is probably stronger for Lakers' fans. I don't really even hate the Lakers, it's more Kobe Bryant that I really dislike.

  • 10 years ago

    I don't dislike any team as much as the red sox...That is deeply rooted Hatred...I do hate the PHiladelphia Eagles, and hate the Boston Celtics. However No team will ever take over the Hatred i feel for the Red Sox. To prove a point, I'd disown my child if somehow he/she became a Boston Red SOx fan...

    Source(s): A guy who really hates the red sox
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  • 10 years ago

    I hate the Yankees because they present a clear and present to my Red Sox on a daily basis. The Colts and Patriots play once during the regular season, but their rivalry over the last ten years is based on the playoffs. The Celtics and Lakers go back 50 years but don't play each other often enough in meaningful games to keep the rivalry on the front burner. Bottom line, I dislike them all but pinstripes can actually make me physically sick.

  • Joann
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    4 years ago

    Rival #1 is the Yankees. Most people in New England* just hate the Yankees. Rival #2 is the Colts. If the Patriots win in the Lucas Oil Dome in November then the Colts will probably have to play in the Foxboro tundra in January, which is a good thing. Rival #3 is the Lakers. It could be Lakers vs. Celtics again this year. I am sure that the NBA and ABC hope so. But in terms of intensity, the Yankees are anathema to most Red Sox fans from New England. *Hampden and Fairfield counties of Conn excluded.

  • 10 years ago

    I know full well how much you hate the Cowboys Scooter. Lol. And I definitely feel ya on that one.

    I despise the Cowboys and everything about them. But I also really cannot stand the Red Sox. It's pretty even. I enjoy seeing either team lose the same amount.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I don't care for the NBA, so it matters not, but I hate the Flyers and the Bruins, but not anymore than I hate the Phillies; even though I like the Mets more than I like the Devils.

    In the NFL, the only team I dislike is Seattle, and I really can't tell you why. I think its because my old boss was from Seattle, and he was probably the worst @sshole I ever worked for. I don't dislike any of the Jets' rivals.

  • No, I hate the Vikings far more than my rival baseball teams. It runs deep and has for a long time. The Brewers have moved around so much in baseball, each time I find a new team to despise they move again...well, not lately, but it just isn't nearly as deep seeded.

  • 10 years ago

    I have to say I probably hate the New England Patriots and maybe Duke Blue Devils College Basketball team more than the Yankees

    So I feel the same way.

    Source(s): King Of NJ
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