What should i get to clean my sand in my reef tank, animal-wise?

my tank>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBZoWpQgbsc

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[[29 gallon biocube]] i currently have a turbo snail, one damsel, one clown, one hermit, and one peppermint shrimp.

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    Your sand looks fine. The brown stuff could be diatoms, which usually go away soon in a new tank. You could try siphoning any detritus (grey organic particles) from the sand. Using airline tubing (used with aquarium air pumps) can be helpful in minimizing how much water is also siphoned during the process.

    Some additional tips:

    Your clown is either Amphiprion ocellaris or A. percula, and clowns are also part of the damselfish family. Damsels are normally aggressive, as your four stripe damsel (Dascyllus aruanusshows in the video when it attacks the clown, but ocellaris/percula clowns are unique for being relatively peaceful. It's a good idea to remove the damsel if you want to add more passive fish.

    It's odd that a peppermint should attack a healthy hermit. Maybe the hermit was molting its shell and thus vulnerable. Also, having only one turbo snail and a hermit (or soon to be no hermit) is kind of small for a clean up crew. See my second link for a great guide to more clean up crew animals.

    The aiptasia anemones in your tank are really huge. Peppermints can be hit or miss with aiptasia removal, and sometimes the larger anemones remain untouched. Search my first link for other aiptasia removal methods.

    I strongly suggest checking nano-reef.com, which is a forum devoted to small tanks like your biocube. One of the most useful subforums there would be the all-in-one tank forum, which has the "biocube resource thread". This thread is really useful in giving tips on modifications for your tank. For example, the biocube skimmer is not very effective, and many people take it out to make use of its compartment for other purposes. Likewise, it looks like you have the stock filter media, which could be trapping detritus and becoming a nitrate factory. This could in turn be a cause for algae problems on the sand bed.

    Good luck with your tank!

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    how lengthy has it been out of circulating water? in fact if you'll be able to have enough money it identification toss it and purchase new reside sand, there might be a wide variety of lifeless pods worms and stars to not point out all of the micro organism in it that's simply going to attract out the cycle nevertheless in case you ought to blank and reuse it you'll have grime all over it'll not ever be grime loose or cloud loose on this case, i might sift it a couple of time watching for any significant lifeless bristle worms and difference out the water ordinarily, utilising ro/di water simplest, you do not desire to entice nitrates and phosphates for your sand through utilising faucet water

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