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who would you cast as james madison in a movie?

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  • Moses
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    1 decade ago
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    It depends on how old he's supposed to be when the movie takes place, how big a role it is (i.e., is Madison a major character), and whether it's a friendly or hostile portrayal... But just for general appropriateness, I'd go with someone like Martin Donovan. He doesn't seem to do many historical/period films, but he looks enough like him (though the eyes aren't quite the same), he's versatile, and he's American. If the actor doesn't have to be American, maybe someone like Jeremy Northam, or Julian Wadham if it's not a major role (not that Wadham couldn't handle it, he's just not as bankable). Also, Julian McMahon, if he's supposed to be younger (i.e., before he was President.)

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