why are atheists so closed minded?

most atheists dint believe in anything without evidence well what about christians they are evidence... oh to bad y'all are so closed minded y'all wont even listen to words of wisdom that could save your soul cause y'all need evidence well whats faith just try using that... christians aren't trying to push their religion on you their trying to save you from the horrible place you are headed for...

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    I am not the least bit closed-minded. I studied the christian bible, not only the English mistranslation but the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic interlinears, for five years. I know more about the book you wave as a weapon than you do, and frankly, I'm not impressed. After studying christianity as well as many of the other organized cults, I made a concious decision to reject the teachings of any and all superstitions, which is what religions are. They are the blind belief in superstitious nonsense. The mere fact that so many have been 'sucked in' by the emotionalism involved is not evidence of a religion's validity.....only the simple-mindedness of its followers.

    I learned to think for myself, and given the evidence at hand, I cannot and *will* not believe in an invisible entity, seperate from me, who (having created all things) sits in judgement over me.

    If you wish to believe it, I will fight to the death for your right to do so. Just don't attempt to force it down my throat and we'll get along just fine. I will choose for myself what I wish to believe, and will study what I believe in order to assure myself of a valid reason for believing it. As for christianity, I personally think its crap. Bunk. But if it makes you happy to believe in it, by all means do.

    Can you offer that same courtesy, or are you simply discontented without something to pass judgment on in the name of something you can't prove exists?

    Try this on for size:

    The original 'manuscripts' for what is now known as the christian bible were not written in English, 'marriage' being a strictly English word. Those texts were originally translated into English by monks who were only marginally familiar with what was, even then, the more modern adaptations of ancient and all-but-dead languages. Hebrew and Greek had evovled already, the ancient versions being as archaic then as the earliest forms of English are now. Perhaps comprehending what was, to them, modern Hebrew and Greek, these monks translated by a system of 'educated guess' as to the meanings of colloquialisms and phraseology inherent to languages no longer spoken. Aramaic was already a dead language when the first English translations were done, so these, too, were 'best guess.'

    Nowhere in the bible, either old or new testament, is homosexuality, itself, condemned. What *is* condemned is heterosexual people, for the sake of hedonism, practicing homosexual acts in the worship of 'false' gods. In all of the references, the use of 'they' refers to non-jewish people. Goyim. The verses were admonitions not to 'do what they do.' It was not a condemnation of 'them' so much as an admonition to be 'unlike' them.

    Every word of what is now the bible was written by and to people who practiced a particular religion. It was not meant to be a law-book for the entirety of humanity. The old testament was written by Jews FOR jews. The new testament was, originally written by practicing jews who were part of what was known in the Jewish faith as "the jesus movement." It was meant to be a reformation of Judaism, not a world-wide cult, which is what it became, and remains.

    The first book of the new testament to be written was not even begun until 70 years after the death of Jesus. Not many are aware of this fact. Here's another that escapes attention: Paul, who authored many of the letters which now make up the vast majority of the new testament, never even *met* Jesus. He and Peter were not exactly the best of friends, rather never saw eye to eye. They were political polar opposites in the directions they thought best for the movement. Peter, who knew Jesus while he was alive and studied with him, personally, and Paul....who didn't join the movement until long after Jesus had died. All of the anit-gay rants in the new testament (or what is percieved to be anti-gay rants, for the mistranslations) were written by a man who also said that a woman should keep her head covered and her mouth shut. Really sweet guy, right? Claiming to be spreading the teachings of a man who broke the gender-barrier by telling a woman, on the sabbath, to fetch him water (it is a violation of Jewish law to perform any work on the sabbath) to go and bear witness (preach) of the things she had seen. (It was a violation of Jewish law for any woman to teach or preach, and doubly so if it is done on the sabbath. She could have been stoned to death).

    Even those who wrote the bible didn't get the message that Jesus, the visionary, taught. It got twisted into a politically religious cult, in the name of it's founder, long before any pen touched parchment.

    Can you tell I've done a bit of studying with regard to this particular subject?

    I am now an anti-theist, believing that religion is, at its root, superstition, and organized religion is merely institutionalized superstition.

    If anyone wants to believe in a religion, it is their right to do so, and if it helps them get from day to day, then more power to them. All I would ask is that you allow yourself to believe that, for you, your belief is valid and powerful, but to me, it is not. I, too, will choose what to believe. You may be religious if you want to be, and I have no objection. Seek to force your religion or it's mandates on me, and we're not going to get along well. I'll continue to fight to keep the government out of your church if you will fight just as hard to keep your church out of my government.

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    You are so wrong about this. I have never heard any words of wisdom from Christians yet. There is no proof souls exist. Faith is indiscriminate and is always misplaced. Yes, Christians try hard to force their religion upon everyone. There is no horrible place after death. Churches are horrible enough. No rational person accepts any ideas without strong evidence in their favor, and there is no evidence that any gods exist. Christians have no genuine evidence their beliefs are true. I am close minded to naive ideas that make no sense at all.

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    So you are trying to tell me my younger brother Matthew who is atheist is closed minded I'm laughing now this is just great, not all Atheists are closed minded believe me they have a reason to speak their mind as well as Christians against us LGBT people. Everyone speaks when they are ready just not religions either it is people out side of that too such as myself I do not just go as Christian I have explored all religions even done some of the one's I didn't like but I stick by my friends. So I do not care what you think everyone has a mind of their own.

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    Of direction I might receive the lifestyles of a deity if established scientifically. However, it might make little change to me. I am an apatheist; I don't think faith has a position to play in my existence. Proof of the lifestyles of a deity might now not compel me to worship mentioned deity or comply with the dictates of the faith situated on that deity. EDIT: Another purpose why I would not care to permit that influence me a quality deal is that clinical theories don't seem to be endlessly legitimate, and the invention of any conflicting proof might require a revision of the view that a certain deity exists. The undeniable fact that "clinical evidence" isn't an absolute indication of its 'fact' is one purpose I might stay skeptical however.

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    I'm an atheist.

    But that doesn't mean Im close minded, oh quite the contray.

    I'm actually very Intelligent.

    Actually, I just don't believe in a big guy in the sky called God. I mean, I'm not meaning to be offensive but that just sounds like a load of crap.

    And you're also just make Catholics/Protestants looking bad with your pathetic spelling.

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    One of the main reasons we don't accept what christians have to say is because they use logic that's as faulty as the logic that you're using with this "question".

    Telling me that I have some sort of "soul" that is in danger of being damned doesn't convince me of anything. The fact that you believe something isn't enough for me to accept it as a reasonable possibility. In fact, warning me of the threat of hell is nothing more than a classic scare tactic. Next time, bring some logical arguments and better grammar skills.

  • Oh wow thank you for saying i am going to hell cause i dont believe in religion. Religion is pointless all it tells you is to believe stuff from a book like the Bible well the bible cant be proven and i do believe there is a god but i will not follow religion i will speak and think on my own. Anyhow shut up your ignorance and go live your life and let me live mine

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    I don't understand why this is in this section; however, I highly doubt you understand what "evidence" truly is, nor do I credit you to have as many "correct" answers than anyone else on this planet.

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    Some people like to make their own decisions and mistakes. Not everybody needs saving

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    Hey, did you know that 3+7 = 14?

    No, really, it does.

    I'm telling ya, it really does.

    What do you mean you don't believe me?

    Why do you have to be so closed minded? >_<

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    Christians are evidence of????????

    oh, right. that christians exist.

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