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Do you think Cavs are now the best team in NBA with Jamison?

I think that before the trade (even with Lebron who is most versatile player in NBA and best player now) they were probably the 4th best team behind LA, Denver, and Boston. However I think they are the best now and has the best chances of getting to NBA finals barring injury. With Jamison they will probably score close to 10 more points a game. I doubt this would ruin team chemistry. I am sure Lebron wont mind scoring 23-24 points a game instead of 28-30 so that jamison can score close to 20. I think mo is unselfish and wont mind scoring 2-4 points a game less a game since for most of his career he has always been a 3rd option. I just think they would be very hard to beat.

If they play Magic there is no way Dwight Howard would put up monster numbers since Shaq will be guarding him and he would be more prone to fouling out or tiring out having to defend shaq. Dwight would be forced to play less help defense on Lebron. Lewis will also have to defend Jamison who can score in the post and can run the floor and who is stronger in built. If they played Boston, Garnett wont be able to play alot of help defense on Lebron because he would have to defend Jamison and sometimes Shaq, If they play LA Gasol probably wont be as much productive on offense for fact that he would have to guard jamison and sometimes shaq when bynum is on bench. If they play nuggets in nba finals martin would probably tired out having to defend jamison and wont be able to contribute that much to help defense to stop lebron and mo from penetrating.

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    I think they are the best. I think they would beat the celtics in a close 6 game series and I think they could possibly beat Magic in 4 or 5. However, I think against LA that will be very close. It would depend on who plays better Kobe or Lebron. If Phil Jackson outcoaches Mike Brown. If Jamison can defend Gasol and score and tired him out and how well Shaq does.

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    Cavs are one of my favorite teams. U have to look at the matchup (assuming it the Lakers) is this. On defense Artest is one of the best who can play Lebron. anthony parker relies on his three point shot, if he is covered by Kobe who is one of the best perimeter defenders that is gone. Bynum can take Shaq, but I dont think Pau can match up with jamenson and the same can be said with fisher on Mo. Kobe can not be gaurded by Parker so that would be Lebrons job. Shaq defending bynum bynum would win that, and Pau defending Jamison Jamison wins Parker defending Artest is probably a tie and Fisher probably would not be able to defend Mo. So the Lakers still have an edge on the Cavs but u can never underestimate the team chemistry of the Cavs.

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    I think the Cavs and Lakers are pretty equal now, it'll be a good NBA finals with these 2, everyone else has no chance of even getting to the finals now. On ESPN the coach said he's still wondering if he should start Jamison or have him come off the bench, he's an idiot if he has him go off the bench and have Hickson starting.

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    on paper it makes sense. Not sure if their the best. Lakers are still the best even with the jamison trade. We have to see them play together for about 20-25 games. Everybody thought the Spurs made the best moves this past offseason and look how that has turned out.

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    to respond to Mr. teach Time, certainly fairly some human beings theory that Vince Carter develop right into a downgrade from Hedo Turkoglu, on an identical time as this is exceptionally plenty a consensus that the Antawn Jamison deal makes the Cavs extra perfect. whether I agree, we would desire to constantly wait to be certain them play, yet I do think of it improves their possibilities of attending to the finals and winning all of it. Edit: @oMaNn: No it develop into huge Z and a familiar around p.c... Hickson develop into no longer in touch interior the commerce, this is why it develop into this style of scouse borrow.

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    We already had the best record in the NBA, you cant honestly believe we were 4th behind DENVER and Boston? Boston is getting too old, we ARE better than Denver anyway. I think we are about neck and neck with LA then and now IMO.

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    They were the best team in the league without Jamison,but now with JAmison they're the best by far.

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    I think the Cavs are best in the East. It's still debatable whether they're as good as the Lakers but I think they match up well with them now.

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    They were already the best team. Now they just have a little more help.

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    Looks like you already answered your question on your own.

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