Is there a catch to an auto body repair shop offering to pay my deductible?

Was recently in an accident and am now receiving a lot of phone calls in regards to it from repair shops offering to pay up to $500 of my deductible (my entire deductible). Is there some sort of catch for this? It seems obviously too good to be true.

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  • 10 years ago
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    They charge it back to your insurance company through a loot hole. Insurance companies hate it. If they are calling you to try and get your business you should probably take it somewhere else.

  • LeAnne
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    10 years ago

    It's obviously an attempt to get your business.

    Perhaps they will sacrifice a larger profit to keep the shop up and running. Perhaps they will use less expensive parts rather than the retail OEM parts on the original estimate. Repair some components rather than replace them might be a way to shave some of the costs.

    There is a good deal of mark-up on retail prices and plenty of "wiggle-room" for most shops to offer a discount, or, in this case, to pay your deductible.

    A somewhat smaller profit is always better than an empty shop - the overhead expenses stay pretty much the same either way.

  • 3 years ago

    in the journey that your deductible is $one thousand you ought to pay that to the physique fix save(assuming fix estimates exceed $one thousand). they are going to in turn pay for the expenditures of repairing you automobile and could be reimbursed by way of your insurance company. something that doesn't shop on with this easy device is a rip-off!!! they ought to pay your deductible in the event that they declare that there is greater injury on your automobile than there quite is. Then the insurance corporation will ought to pay the physique fix save for greater suitable than the preliminary upkeep are properly worth. This sounds slightly complicated yet, definite they try to rip-off the insurance corporation, you would be requested to not ask too many questions while they make their upkeep. you may desire to avert those human beings, they are breaking the regulation and you may desire to be held responsible, quite in case you're attentive to what is going on. Naivety isn't any excuse in a court docket room!

  • 10 years ago

    Put it this way, they aren't doing it for nothing . . . Compare their quotes with one that doesn't offer that, I think you'll notice.

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