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How can we keep affording to educate illegal aliens and their children?

obama has just made a 731 million dollar cut on education. How can we afford to educate these illegal aliens?

Why should our children suffer at the hands of illegals even in our educational system. Don't tell me the deserve an education. I m an Educator and all these illegal children do is cost us money and time that should be spent on our own children. The majority of educators feel this way when illegals are in the classrooms. Why should we have to take budget cuts when these illegals are using our tax dollars?


As long as parents are illegal, children should be also, they should be stripped of anchor baby status since this was not what the law was meant for but for the children of slaves.

Update 2:

If parents are illegals, children should be deported with them.

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  • Sasori
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    10 years ago
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    Children have to pay for parents mistakes when they illegally enter a country and it adversely affects the lives of children whose parents are US citizens and Fed, State & Local taxpayers. Citizens & children who the Fed gov has sworn to protect and defend.

    It is not the Constitution that allows these children US citizenship, it is a Supreme Court decision which can be overturned and even retroactive. Which it should have been in 1986 after US Citizens were promised illegal immigration would END with amnesty.

    These children do not drop out because they have no "chance" at advancing because they are illegal. US born children of illegals have the same high drop out rate.

    Our children should not suffer, our Property taxes should not be raised, OR FUNDING CUT, UNTIL EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL STUDENT IS REMOVED FROM OUR SCHOOLS. English Languages classes SHOULD NOT BE PAID FOR BY US TAXPAYERS. If that's the case we should start making all the Hispanic groups, such as LaRaza & MECHa, pay for teaching OUR kids Spanish.

    It absolutely amazes me that the Governments first reaction is to cut funding for children. When their first thought should be to cut funding for programs used by illegal aliens and their children.

  • 10 years ago

    Whatever happen to human rights, if you stop and think about we grant illegals more rights the country they left.They supporters should be asking Mexico this question. Why should the parents poor life decisions making have to become my problem and use of my tax dollars. They have a human right to have kids, but there also is a moral obligation for the parent to start understanding, this country is broke, we owe trillions, millions of Americans have lost everything they have worked all their lives for. I for one want to know, if the illegals are having problems just supporting themselves, where do they come up with the idea , that their parenting problems are now America's problem. The family due to income issues do turn to public assistance and they are draining the system and one day it will not be there anymore.Illegals are coming here by the millions , having kids they cannot support and it becomes more of a burden to us and their solution is let their problems become America's problems. I find the parents put their children into these situations on purpose .. They get free breakfasts/lunches/ free school supplies/ free medical insurance through Medicaid and the parents depend on these groups to provide for their kids for the next 18 years and then want to extend it to include a free college education.Their since of entitlement is making this country burst apart

  • Vivian
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    4 years ago

    I kind of feel the same way as you... kind of. I do realize illegal immigration has created problems but on the other hand some people want to come here to do something positive. Problem is, imo, that the politicians just look at it short sighted, pandering to groups sympathetic for illegal immigrants/open border policy lovers for votes. In the end that will screw them and the country. But, what's the solution? Either get new leadership in this country, have a region of the country dissolve from the union and establish their own government, or move to another country. Get new leadership, unlikely imo... Make a new USA with states wanting to break off, possible but not until it gets really, really, really, really bad. A point we are far from now. Move to another country, I guess that's the easiest but where to go? Most other countries don't have the freedoms we have here plus I like the US a lot.

  • HOOK
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    10 years ago

    Illegals in every sector of society area major drain on the economy, Americans are being denied quality of life because of it. If you factor in the Billions of dollars needlessly going to fund benefits for illegals we can have a model educational and medical establishment. But on the other side of that coin, The likes of a miscreant President like Obama would only spend the money on some pork barrel nonsense anyway, Congress and the white house must cut taxes and curb needless spending.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Illegal immigration is a perfect example of the dangers of unfettered capitalism.

    Large corporations rely on illegal immigrants to keep down their labor costs. Large corporations also donate heavily to political campaigns. This means politicians will never attack the problem of illegal immigration because it would piss off their campaign contributors.

    Now we have a situation where we don't just allow illegal immigration - we welcome it. Our schools are required to teach the kids of illegal immigrants. Why? Because that encourages illegal immigration which in turn helps the corporations. We don't require citizenship to get a line of credit for the same reason.

    People always complain about a big federal government - and I agree with them. But this is one area where I want the government to be bigger than the corporations.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    This statement is invalid the majority of illegal's children are CITIZENS which in by term they HAVE to get an education as for illegal children many drop out school early as soon as in middle school, because they know theres no point in continuing there education also how many Hispanics are in a class about 1 maybe 2 so its not a HUGE DEAL like you make it seem

  • DAR
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    10 years ago

    I agree. It is simple economics. In California they want to cut home care to those over 80 who paid taxes all their lives, but not cut 'just for illegal immigrants' in schools, housing aid, full medical care, etc. They are trying to get approval of more taxes by cutting where cuts are least appropriate and most visible,, but until they cut the services that pull illegal immigrants here to begin with, while degrading those services for those who paid for them, they will not get voters on their side. Everyone knows where the money is going.

  • 10 years ago

    Whatever happen to human rights! Since when do children have to pay for their parent's mistakes. How do you know the kids are illegal? do you ask them? most of them are probably citizens born in the USA therefor they have the same rights your kids have. Where do you teach? I would like to know so I don't send my kids there! what an ignorant "educator".

  • 10 years ago

    We can't that's the scary part. Our school announced just the other day that we got cheated out of 1.5 million and we would have to cut band. My favorite class. We need to take care of America now and illegals later. Its not our job to hold there hand while they cross the border and then give them free stuff like welfare and health-care!

  • 10 years ago

    the u.s has done it ever since the invasion of the british who illegally and uninvited entered the land. you as a teacher should let your students and parents of what your point of view is. if it werent for them you would have a job probably. i say be honest not hypocrite

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