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What is the difference between "ast" and "az" in farsi? Which one is used with who?


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    "ast" is not the actual way, its actually "Hast", but in the daily life, when we talk, we dont really pronounce the "h" so we say "ast", which means "is"

    but then again, this "hast" or "ast" itself is more of a formal way

    for example, if i say "this is pedram", if i wana say it in a formla way, i say "in Pedram hast" (and there are other stuff we can add to it to make it more formal and polite)

    "in" means "this" and "hast" means "is"

    but in the daily life, i would only add "e" at the end of the name

    as in "in pedrame"

    as for "az" it means "from"

    for example "i went from here to london"

    and i say "man az inja raftam london"

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pashto's better... learn that instead :)

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