What's the difference between juniors, petites, misses, and women's sizes?

I currently shop in the juniors section b/c well thats all I know and i'm a size 1. Clothes especially pants are hard to find in my size so I was hoping I could try out another section but don't really understand what's the difference.

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    The difference is in the body shape that the clothes are cut to fit. A junior size is cut to fit a young body with fewer curves, smaller bust and less definition between waist and hips. That's why junior size jeans often have that gappy thing going on at the back, when the hips fit the waist is too big. That's because of the way junior sizes are cut. Junior sizes are in odd numbers, from 1 to 15. Junior styles tend to be casual, trendy, and suitable more for school, casual going out, club and first-job wear.

    Misses are cut for a more developed figure with a few more curves. There is usually an eight to ten inch difference between waist and hips, so misses jeans don't have the same gapping problem as juniors. Misses sizes are sold as even numbers, from 0 to 16. Most women fit best in a misses size once they are out of their teens and early twenties. The greatest range of styles for everything from casual to formal to office is found in Misses sizes.

    Petites are cut for shorter body, between 5ft to 5ft 4in. It does not mean skinny, slight, fine boned or anything, it only denotes clothes for someone who is shorter than average. They can be junior cut in sizes from 1P to 13P or in misses sizes from 2P to 14P or in Petite plus, which is 16P to 26P Petite plus is for women who are short and full figured.

    Women's is a bit of an older out of date size range. Most clothes sold as women's these days are in reality misses sizes. If the size tag has a W along side the size then it is a true "woman's" size. Women's sizes are for a more mature figure and are often cut with more room to move, the styles tend to be mature, not as close to the body and not as attractive. A modern over-50 woman has no interest in loose baggy shapeless clothes, she wants to show off the shape she's worked hard to keep. So the true woman's size and style range is falling out of favour. Elastic waist pants, full cut calf length skirts, longer below hip jackets and short sleeve tops tend to be women's wardrobe staples. Often women's styles are made in so called "easy care" fabrics such as polyester, polyester cotton blends, and stretch polyester.

    Plus sizes are cut for a full figured woman with a larger than D-cup bust size.

    Finally, there is the old out of date half size range, which has been replaced by petite plus.

    One final note, size numbers mean nothing. There's no longer any such beast as "standard sizes" and nothing runs "true to size" You really need to ignore numbers and try thing on to get the best fit. Many find that they can vary in size from store to store, and even from brand to brand. If you don't fit into the clothes in a certain store, a different store might fit better, or even a different brand. Don't be afraid to enlist the help of a store worker, if they know their merchandise they can help you find something that fits.

    Hope that helped a little.

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      Thanks so much for that explanation Linda S. I've been trying to figure this out for days now. And you answered it perfectly. Thanks again I appreciate it :)

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    If I wear a large women's, would an X-Large in Petite or Misses fit me?

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  • 5 years ago

    what is a missy 16, is it juniors or misses

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    If you ask a question, don't ***** about the answer. I just wanna say that I had wondered the same thing, and I appreciate the in depth answer.

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    they are all different sizes.. ?

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    Thanks so much, Linda. You offered a clear and perfect explanation 4 years ago. Not too lengthy for me! :)

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    Thanks for explaining it. Perfect answer

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