I have to do a 'Beginner's Guide To...' talk and I dont know what topic to do! Please help! :-)?

The 'Beginners Guide To...' talk I've been assigned has to be 5 minutes and on a topic I know about (since I'm giving a guide) and I can use various means of presentation e.g powerpoint etc to make it more interesting for my audience (my english class). I just need a topic for next tues (23rd Feb 2010) but info on topics is awesome too.

Our teacher hasn't put too much of a limit on topics other than if you do sport it has to be interesting/unusual.

I'm quite an artsy person if that helps, I'm not too into the whole sport/science scene. I don't really care if it's something I know loads about or not, thats what the internet is for lol! All help will be much appreciated :) XD

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    Martha Stewart - seriously, she has done alot of crafts, you may want to demonstrate one in class

    Painting - teach mixing, brush strokes, briefly go over a couple categories that paintings can be characterized by.

    Drawing - Step 1), Draw a square step 2) .... step 4,562). Finished! Congratulations! You have the Mona Lisa! (something like that...

    Applying makeup - While the other topics listed may have throngs of followings within the class, here you can be guaranteed that all the boys (~50%) of the class will have no idea on this subject, so you can really feel like an expert. (This works even if your parents haven't let you start using makeup, doing the research will show to them that you're interested and more mature - you'll be allowed to start earlier for that).

    Origami - Demonstrate how to make a paper crane/box/flower/frog/what-have-you in class. This is something everyone can follow along with since everybody will have a couple sheets of paper with them. It'll make your take more interesting if it engages everybody.

    Hope this helps.

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    Being in the Kitchen

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