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How painful is castration for animals?

A friend of mine told me that there are male animals actually having erections during the process. Is that true??

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    Some men are the only ones that get erections that I know of.Animals must think they're being 'had'.Also,if you watch CSI,Grissom once remarked about men executed by hanging even ejaculating,for some reason.This is all dark stuff and don't try any of this at home,kiddies.

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    it depends on the method used to castrate the animal. for a dog or cat that is castrated at a vet the procedure is conducted under general anaethetic so it is painless for the animal. afterwards they may be a little tender in that area but nothing much. cats often dont even need stitches. however for a sheep or cow on a farm they are not so lucky. they dont get a general they just get pinned into a cage restraint and have to deal with it.

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    For pets it's easy. They put the pet into a deep sleep then get the surgery done. Afterwards their area might hurt or feel wierd.

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    It is in-humane. It is against to the Gods creation

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    They like it? I don't think so.

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