When people talk about cheating, fraud etc why do you refer to asians?

Such as when someone has things to say of that Pakistani, that indian, that chinese etc etc.. im kinda getting fed up with it all. Is this racism?

I know many people from different cultures such as arabs, americans, british that commit fraud, who cheat etc etc....

so please think of the context before you submit a question, think of the bigger picture.


@Mahesh N - Well said i like your elaboration, and its all true well said again and thank you

Update 2:

@H - No H you got me wrong, it was a general question, nothing to do with what you said at all. Like everyone else i have my free will to ask question.

Update 3:

@H - Ans yes to the point westerners cheat their own kind even in there own countries, it happens but people dont see maybe they dont want to and turn a blind eye.

I agree asians are cheaters but not as bad as Americans, british who have cheated muslims all over the globe, and also westerns cheated there own fellow men out of money etc etc...

Update 4:

@Anna - Thank you for your kind words, and your input

Update 5:

@H - I can ask what i want here, like other people, whats accomodation go to do with it, i know you are a clever and smart girl you dont have to tell me, many questions get posted in the UAE section including mine, i have every right to post what i want. If you have and mahesh have any friction please sort it out your selfes, i like what he said with out offending others, i dont think he was being racist he was just clarifying the facts which he strongly believes in. We all share our views and opinions here and its not racism, I know H you are not racist but niether am i, I dont know about others.

Have you ever notices some of the replies i get H there personal and offensive but i brush it to one side.

H as i said before your a good person, keep it up :)) i have nothing against you.

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  • Mahesh
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    1 decade ago
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    When an Asian defaults on a payment he is called a "Cheat"

    What the locals, Arabs and Europeans do is called "Grand Larceny"

    When a Chinese peddler tries to maximize profits he is a "Liar". When Nakheel shows you a house on the Palm, takes money from you and settles for something in Discovery Gardens, they are not called Liars, but "benevolent negotiators"

    When a certain Saudi guy called Maan Al Sanea rips off the banks in the UAE, he is treated like a celebrity. When an Asian does not pay credit cards bills on time, they are lashed out at. Let them issue a warrant against Maan al Sanea. They do not have the balls.

    They charge 20K for drunk driving, but 100K (5 times more) when you hire an "illegal" worker. Dubai was largely built by these "illegal" workers

    Racism is at its worst and it is officially condoned. Thank you for highlighting this.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi Ridwan,

    I do understand why you are asking, I agree and have to admit that I belong to the "people talking". The reason is very simple and doesn't have anything to do with racism.

    A fact is, that forging documents such like degrees etc. is more common in India, Pakistan, etc. Now, when you think about that these group of people are the majority of expats working here and that documents as degrees are the most proved (beside passports), isn't it logical that specific asked in the UAE fraud is reffered to these group of people?

    Of course are the mentioned crimes are also commited by other nationalities. But - how many Americans or Europeans have to forge a passport? How many times do you hear about forged documents (UAE concerning) by Westeners and how often by Asians?

    I really don't know why people are getting offended when facts are stated. I have Indian and Pakistani friends who even agree with me. I worked with Indians and Pakistanis and never had any problems with them.

    I agree with Mahesh, that also other nationals left the country leaving debts behind also, but as said before, logical not that many. If I would state that I am fed up Indians and Pakistanis using the trunk of my car as a table to put their tea cups on (when I park in front a cafeteria), then it's not racist, then it's because only these people are doing it. If I would life in the UK I would complain the same way about Brits doing so.

    Is it racist to say that the most human trafficers in KSA were Bangladeshis? Why do you think they have a hard time to get a visa to KSA? I don't think it's any racist when stating facts.

    I call it racism if somebody i.e. says: all Asians are cheating, because that's not true.

    Btw. cheating on people. How many Asian agents in their countries are cheating on their own country men about job opportunities in the UAE? How many charge them huge amounts? Did you ever hear that from Westeners? No, you don't. Why should it then be racist to ask why some Asians do so?

    Last not least, thinking about certain nationals cheating in the UAE, I even do not want to think about a bigger picture. The pic is big enough already:))

    Take care

    @Mahesh: please note, that Maan Al-Sanea didn't ripp off any UAE banks. Maan Al-Sanea had his bank accounts frozen in May by the Saudi central bank which had an effect on certain UAE banks. A case was filed in NY. It's more or less a fight between 2 big families in KSA. Where do you see Maan Al-Sanea treated as a celebry?

    edit: Ridwan, if this was a general question, I don't know why you placed it in the UAE section. Therefore please don't blame me that I took it UAE regarded.

    I do understand that you and Mahesh agree on each other knowing where you are from. But - Mahesh should get his facts approved. I.e. reargding Al-Sanea and the fees for working in the UAE illegaly. It's AED 50K for the company and AED 50K for the illegal workers .Mahesh also mention racism at the worse. Why is he still in the UAE?

    Please let me know if it is racist when I see accommodation offers for i. e. "Keralites only". Leaving out other nationalities, that's what I call being racist. But - I am smart enough to realise that this kind of racism/discrimination is for a purpose. Guess what, no Westeners are getting offended by adds like this. But if you see adds like" Westerners only", Asians are getting offended. Why that?

    Source(s): my opinion
  • 1 decade ago

    You appear to be over sensitive and very insular. Asia cannot possibly have more cheats, fraudsters, violent crime and historically proven lazy majority of people asking for foreign aid, than in Africa! My experience is that most Asians are hard working, friendly, hospitable and very friendly people.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think of white - trash high school drop outs. Not Asians.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have never heard of that.

  • 1 decade ago

    the asians are sneaky bastards.

    not racism just common knowledge.

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