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how to sharpen my small pocket knife?

I have this small pocket knife, I've been using it for a while now. It's all blunt, so how can i sharpen it?

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    Use a rock or brick. Slide both sides of the knife onto the rock

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    Buy and use a whetstone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharpening_stone Some should be lubricated with water, others with oil. Don't use water on a stone which is supposed to be lubricated with oil, as this will damage that particular type of stone. You can find these stones at places which sell good knives, like a camping or hunting store, or online. Some stores will sharpen knives for a small fee, and I highly recommend that you have this done for at least the first time.

    You have to hold the blade at a certain angle to the stone, and then move the blade across the stone in such a manner so that the edge will lead the rest of the blade. Tiny particles of metal will be removed, and what remains will be quite sharp. Both sides must be sharpened. Then the blade must be stropped, as there will be a "bead" (actually, it's more like a roll) of metal on the blade, which is too small to see.

    My father taught me how to hone knives. It used to be a fairly common skill. Perhaps you could contact a Boy Scout or Girl Scout leader and ask if they know how, and will show you. It's hard for me to explain using only text.

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    I've been using this DMT aligned sharpener kit for a while now. It sharpens all my pocket knives with precision. I start out with the coarse, then the fine, and then the extra fine and it always leaves a perfect edge without scratching the blade.

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    (Adult Language Warning for the Video)


    Youtube thumbnail

    This guy has been sharpening for over 40 years and knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Of course you can always take your knife to a local sharpener or send it to John Fitzen.

    Hope this helps.

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    By a small oil stone. You then oil it and rub the knife blade along it. If you use just a rock as suggested then you should either keep the rock wet ot use oil on it. Any oil will do.

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    Go to WalMart or some sporting goods store and purchase a small diamond hone, use a fine grit, Not expensive and will last a long time.

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    ya....haha unless you have some machines you could use, I'd have to say use a rock =p

    P.S - It actually does work, it just takes some time

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    use a rock

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