How do I get more bubbles out of my bubble bath?

I have used a few different types of bubble bath liquids and I have noticed that unless I am using a bath tub with a jet, which I do not have at my own home, I hardly get any bubbles even if I pour half the bottle into my bath. Are there any tips to getting more bubbles into your bath?

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    Most people make the mistake of not putting the cap under the running water. Turn the water on so you get the most pressure and hold the capful under the flow alternately decant your soap bubbles into a spray bottle and spray it at the water coming down - also add some baking soda to the water ( 1/4 cup) it will soften the water and allow the bubbles to do their thing. Also using to much bubble bath can cause a UTI so be careful with that stuff.

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    A good possibility is you have hard water, water with a high mineral content, a water softener is in order. Take a sample of your water in a 3 or 4 oz clean container down to your sears store and they will usually test it for free, and can tell you on the spot if you have hard water.

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