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what players should Miami give up to get Amare Stoudamire?

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    11 Rafer Alston G 6-2 175 07/24/1976 Fresno State 10

    50 Joel Anthony C 6-9 245 08/09/1982 Nevada-Las Vegas 2

    8 Carlos Arroyo G 6-2 202 07/30/1979 Florida International 7

    30 Michael Beasley F 6-10 235 01/09/1989 Kansas State 1

    6 Mario Chalmers G 6-1 190 05/19/1986 Kansas 1

    14 Daequan Cook G 6-5 210 04/28/1987 Ohio State 2

    9 Yakhouba Diawara F-G 6-7 225 08/29/1982 Pepperdine 3

    40 Udonis Haslem F 6-8 235 06/09/1980 Florida 6

    22 James Jones F 6-8 220 10/04/1980 Miami (Fla.) 6

    21 Jamaal Magloire C 6-11 255 05/21/1978 Kentucky 9

    7 Jermaine O'Neal C 6-11 255 10/13/1978 Eau Claire HS (SC) 13

    5 Quentin Richardson F 6-6 228 04/13/1980 DePaul 9

    3 Dwyane Wade G 6-4 220 01/17/1982 Marquette 6

    1 Dorell Wright F-G 6-9 210 12/02/1985 South Kent Prep HS (Lawndale, CA) 5

    Just kidding

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    Suns are asking wayyyyy to much for Amare. A good deal would have been J. Oneal, Mario Chalmers, and a first round draft pick for Amare. That way, the Suns get a legitmate center, a developing (bout also good right now) pg, and a draft pick. But when the Heat offer Beasley (the future of Miami besides Wade) J. Oneal, AND draft picks, the Suns still wont trade Amare.

    Amare would certainly help the Heat, but looking 5 years into the future, Heat will not regret trading for Amare when Beasley is doing better than him.

    Source(s): Go to and look at the stats for the Heat. If Wade does not have the scoring load in a game, it is almost ALWAYS Beasley throwing down the points, who even scored 23 points just today.
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    To Get Amare you maximum probable going to would desire to provide Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich and probable Tyrus Thomas. in spite of the shown fact that if the Heats are keen to grant Marion and Beasley than they'll probable get Amare.

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    1 decade ago

    Beasly Chambers Q Haslem 2 1st round picks

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    Michael Beasley, Quentin Richardson, and 1st round pick

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    They tried playes such as michael beasley and Jermaine o'neal, but nothing worked. i think jermaine o'neal, beasley and first round draft pick are more then worth it for studemire. it looks like studamire will remain with the suns for the rest of the season, unless something happens in the nest 14 hours. =/ i want studamire in the heat aswell.

  • Hiero
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    Beasley, Chalmers, draft picks, if anything. As a Suns fan I'm hopin this doesnt go down, we will not get equal value in return...

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    Jamario Moon, Haslam, 1st round pick

  • ?
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    wade and some other guys the wade will be traded for some chinese guy on the lakers so lakers will have a new good player yay

  • Joe
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    1 decade ago

    anybody cept wade.

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