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Have you ever wondered what will happen to future generations?

It seems that everyone in the newer generations are always given whatever they want with almost instant gratification because their parents could not say no to their children. Does anyone have any idea what consequences this will have in the future?

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    To be honest, I think all kids will be about 4 times more likely to be overweight than our generation today. Fast food will be going into their systems simply because they will be exposed to it more than nowadays. There's fast food advertisements everywhere they'll go. As technology advances, everything will be more convenient. So there's going to be less exercise. Who knows, maybe there's gonna be teleporters. Because of how the new generations will be exposed to all the new inventions, they won't have time to think about what cavemen did to get food. They'll most likely going to just take things for granted. Now that's really not their fault, it's just the matter of how parents will teach their kids. I truly do hope that parents understand their role in society and their influence on their kids. If they want their kids to be hardworking and be thankful (which SHOULD be a want so they can contribute to a better society), saying grace really isn't the only thing that will do the job. Also, if people just continue to take things for granted and not make any conservations, it's going to be a huge struggle.

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    I have always wondered that. Some people in my classes always brag that they always get what they want, losing their virginity (they are only 13 & 14 year olds) beating up someone else, ect.

    It seems today that the parents want to be friends before parents and soon the future generations will be total crap and there will be a small percentage of people with manners. . .

    And have you noticed that there are many obese kids out there because their stupid parents never say no to them if they ask for more food. More likely obese adults have no will power. . . but that's not the point. People don't discipline their kids enough today and soon the generations will be cruel, violent, ect, because the parents didn't do their job.

    I've never liked this time period actually. I always wanted to go to the 1960's 70's 80's ect, where people were more likely to have fun, but also be doing the right things for parenting. :3

  • Jiji
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    your views are too limited, or too generalized, the newer generation do not always get whatever they want ... they're pretty similar to past generations, but new ideas and technologies may not make it seem like that ....

    because the world/ society they live in is different from their parents/grandparents, their views/ ideas/ skills are also different.....

    They are raised to live/survive in their world, not their grandparents world.....

    I do wonder what will happen in the future ... some of it is wonderful, some of it is terrible .... of course, I can only apply this to a population, but the consequences in the future are likely the same consequences people have suffered in the past.

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    This pure speculation. What I envision is a future generation of more disciplined and ethical people than the Baby Boomer generation who saw no merit to character and responsibility. Fun is not the meaning of existence. That reality will return with the passage of time.

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    Ive noticed this too, i think it has to do with the whole kids having kids thing. Most people having kids young these days have really been exposed to much discipline in their lives and so don't have the patience to discipline their kids and instead give them whatever they want. When i have kids ill bring them up like my dad brought me will be nice to bring back random beatin' tuesday :0)

  • Anonymous
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    The consequences are already among us people live beyond their means, some don't know how to work for what they want and try to take short cuts, sell drugs, steal, or mislead people to get what they want, but that's just my opinion.

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    yes. the muslims will swarm over them like warm, flesh-eating vomit and compel higher forces to step in and destroy the earth.

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