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How can I add some elaboration to this?

Each year, a shocking number of teens are killed due to drunk driving. As stated on the website, "DWI Blog," drinking and driving kills one teenager every hour. Although this might not seem like a big deal to you, that one teenager could have been your friend or even your sister or brother. According to "CDC," in 2004, 4,767 teenagers lost their lives from fatal injuries caused by drinking and driving.

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    You need to mention a personal stories.

    1. John Doe never had alcohol before he went to the party. He tried his first drink at age 16. Blah Blah. He decided he was good enough to drive home, after all it was only past the high school. John Doe never made it home.

    2. Jane Doe had been known to drink and drive. She said she the alcohol didn't effect her driving. On 1/1/2004, Jane Doe killed a family of four after binging on alcohol with her friends. She has been charged with manslaughter.

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    You could add something about permanent injuries (like spinal cord) or the percentage of teens that are in DWI's compared to the percentage of older drivers.

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