I need help casting/creating a spell, I've dealt with depression/stress/heartbreak in the past two years..?

I'm basically ready to help start anew and I need a spell to accomplish this for me. I've dealt with depression, making a fool of myself, dealing with family, undergoing stress at school, dealing with heartbreak from a person that doesnt want me, I'm just not myself anymore and I want to renew myself.

i feel really unwanted but i dont want people to feel sorry for me, i feel unconfident and i just want colton to like me, i want to be attractive and it seems like nobody really likes me as much as i like them, im never on the same level as anyone anymore

im just not feeling it anymore

i want something significant to happen to me to where i can feel happy once more.

if anyone can feel this, please post an answer. thanks.

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    Take three candles. Pink, black, and white.

    A new moon would be best.

    Light the black candle.

    On a sheet of paper, write all the negative things you feel. All the things you don't think you can have. Wrap sea salt in it and roll the paper up.

    Light it on fire with the black candle.

    Watch it burn and feel all the evil go up in smoke.

    Defiantly blow out the black candle.

    Scoop up all the ashes and throw them out your window or scatter them in your garden or under a tree or sapling. This symbolizes your negativity changing and becoming something new.

    Next, light the white candle. Breathe for a few minutes, reflecting on what you just did.

    From that white candle, light the pink one. Place it on/in front of a mirror.

    Take a piece of paper and write down all the things you love about yourself and what you want to accomplish, saying "I am ___" or "I will do ___". Be forceful.

    Run your hands through the flames of the white and pink candles.

    Fold up the list of positivity. Pour the wax from both candles on it.

    Keep it under your pillow until the full moon.

    Bury it somewhere special.

    Repeat as necessary.

    Good luck, deary.

  • 5 years ago

    Scientifically speaking, if you believe in spells then casting a spell to help you is much like taking a placebo pill. You believe it is going to help, so your perceptions tend to change to match what your expectations are. But like someone else said, what you really need is to talk about these things with a licensed professional counselor or therapist. That's going to help you the most, and perhaps the spellcasting placebo might help you a little bit too psychologically speaking, but really it's the therapist that's going to have the most impact on how you pull yourself out of depression.

  • 1 decade ago

    Agreed with above. Magic doesn't work, as there's no such thing. Really, there's not.

    The trick is to find happiness with yourself first, before worrying about what other people think. Go out and do what you like to do. Have a favorite hobby? Go do it. Get better at it. And I guarantee that, no matter how out-there it might be, there are other people in the world that like the same thing.

    It's really cliche, but it's true; you've got to be happy with yourself first and foremost. Knowing you're doing what you like/want to do, and doing it well, and being around other people who also enjoy that activity can be a real confidence booster right there. But it takes EFFORT. There's no way to magically make it all better; you're going to have to work for it.

    Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Spells aren't real - they don't work. There is no magic -- if there was magic, it would be real, and thus, not magic.

    What will work, is to build a better image of yourself. Try to be more confident.

    One of the best ways to do this is to start exercising, and toning up your body. Make sure you eat right, and for goodness sake, get a good sleep.

    Those will help you way more than some "spell".

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  • 1 decade ago

    You need to find people at your same level, someone that will be into you. Don't let these people in the past bring down your confidence, there's someone for everyone.

    Source(s): Good things come for those who wait. :)
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    that's life!!! your also looking for an easy way out--there's no such things as spells. you have to work on yourself

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    Check out this site, it might have what you need ---> http://www.spellsandmagic.com/spells.html

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    really? this isnt hogwarts you tool

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