Fake flowers in the house?

I want to re-decorate my appartment. I want to add a few flowers but I aslo dont wanna spend the money on real ones every week. I have seen some nice fake flowers. What is the difference between silk flowers and the other kind of fake flowers? And, is there a way to have them not LOOK fake? Keep them looking as nice as real flowers. How do you have them arranged in your home, if any? Thank you in advance.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi B&B: I love flowers too. There are a lot of great fakes out there. Keep looking until you find ones that you love. I often mix real greens in with the fake ones. Many flowers will keep for a month or longer if you want to use them, also some flowering plants last for a long time and will rebloom. I wash my fakes ones in the sink with a little detergent, rinse them, then shake the water off and stand them up to dry when ever they get dusty. This brightens them up. Use your imagination when making an arrangement. Anything from tin cans, glass jars, flower pots, broken tea and coffee pots, cups and saucers, jars, etc. work. Take a long look at your room to see where you need the colour, how much colour, what type of flowers (i.e. formal like roses, modern like gerberas) how big a display you need and go from there. In the summer, branches from shrubs with one or two sprigs of flowers can look wonderful. Check out florist designs on the web too. Have fun! You already sound very creative. Shari

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    What will it be fresh flowers, dry, or artificial ones? Now here is a dilemma many people have when it comes to choosing the best flower arrangement for a special occasion or just for a home decoration. The decision is easier to make if you consider a few factors such as budgeting or personal taste. But from past experience, you should definitely go with fresh flower arrangements especially if you want to use them as a symbol of your personality and style.



    Low maintenance

    Cheap prices

    Suited for persons with allergies


    Zero fragrance

    No natural color

    Do not retain that special affect fresh flowers have after a while no one remembers them


    Closest to natural flowers

    Last a few years if well preserved


    Dry flowers don't preserve the fragrance as well

    After the drying process, many of the flowers lose some of the natural beauty and color


    Affordable for most any budget

    Maintains their fragrance

    Colors are always vibrant


    They fade and eventually die

    Of course, there are many pros and cons on both sides, and I think that everyone should choose what best suits the occasion, but remember: flower arrangements should always leave an unforgettable impression, which is always created by a perfect mixture of color, texture and artistic impression.

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    Not sure about fake flowers being bad feng shui but I do hate to dust them! I agree with asia...surround yourself with items that make you feel wonderful. Mirrors, light, pictures, beads and bells--all evoke strong emotions. Don't forget fragrances--they do a lot to make a house a home. If plants make you nervous, I'd go with fiber optics sculptures or something less stressfull like tabletop waterfalls, sand gardens or bowls of pebbles for tabletops, etc. Let us know how it turns out :) gg

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