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Why are Dobermans such great dogs?

Sorry I just had to gush about how absolutely majestic and gorgeous these dogs are.

Take a look at the video from Westminster this year http://video.westminsterkennelclub.org/player/?id=...


Regardless if your dog is a show dog or not, do you think your dog would do well in a show ring?

Me - probably not lol. He is gorgeous and has great form - but when I went to take him for the little run around the ring he would probably be jumping at me like "come on, give me the damn treat already" or "how long do you seriously expect me to stand here?"

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    Aphrodite, I have to tell you something. I really think that CJ is a very lovely b*tch, but I still don't think she stands up to CH Royal Tudor's Wild as the Wind, or CH Toledobe's Serenghetti (sp). I have used Carissa DeMilta's Mother, Gwen, as a handler, in the past. Carissa (Rissa) is CJ's handler. Another fantastic handler is Diego Garcia. I believe he handled the Boxer in the Group ring. Anyone who knows ME, knows that I know how great Dobermans *can* be! I don't have a show dog at all anymore, let alone a beautiful Dobe. (I'm kind of working on that, right now) I think my Bulldog would enjoy showing, but she is FAR from meeting the standard. Of course, you can't show a mutt (which I also have), but if you could, he would do pretty good as long as our cat "Ozzy" was the bait. lol

    Add: I wanted to just add a couple other things about the Dobe judging. First off, this judge is a Provisional (sp) judge who has only judged 8 times total. I don't have a clue why they chose her. Second of all: Watch the very first Dobe shown in the video link you provided......the one where the handler has a sort of ruffle around the bottom of her skirt. WELL, that dog should have NEVER even been there. It has TERRIBLE movement and IMO should NOT even be a CH.

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    That is one handsome group of dogs! Ah, someday I'll be able to have a dobe, until then I can get my kicks watching them in the ring. Too bad the guy doesn't know how to focus the camera!

    My lab wouldn't do well in the show ring. He's too much of a field-type- all muscle, a little lanky and with a slightly longer head. The show labs are just so much stockier. He's also chocolate, and they never do well. He's my ideal lab though- he's athletic, retrieves like a dream, calm and loves to work! Not to mention I think he's gorgeous :-).

    Now, I think my mix is just about he most handsome dog ever- I have no idea what he's made of, but he's got a beautiful shape- very square, broad chest, strong neck, pointy ears and thick black coat. He looks a lot like a Kelpie, but they're rare in this area. If there were a show ring for mixed breeds (don't ask how that would work- I have no idea!), he'd be on top!

    The boys racing:


    Added: I'll say it- I'm not a fan of the fad in labradors. They're huge, blundering, cumbersome dogs. That's great for a family dog, but for field hunting and retrieving, they're just too big and plodding.

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    ACK. This video is not helping my "I want a Doberman" thing :p

    Beautiful dogs. A joy to view from afar and a joy to be around. There are few breeds that I can say that about!

    As for would my big hairy ball of awesome have done well in the show ring? Probably not. But he was the champion of MY heart, and that's all he ever needed to be. :)

  • Next to Basset Hounds, you mean <G>.

    Actually, I do have a soft spot for Dobermans. It's one of the breeds I have seriously considered owning.

    EDIT: Oops, forgot the legit. My dogs DO do well in the show ring. In fact, my dog's grandson went BO at this year's Westminster.

    I have a puppy b*tch right now that I think will kick some serious butt once she hits the ring.

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  • Shanna
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    They are great, aren't they? I have 5 of them sitting at my feet right now. There's nothing better!

    Those dogs certainly are beautiful.....mine don't measure up to those dogs as far as the standard goes, though I think they are perfect in every way. Mine are all rescues, so although they are not show worthy, I wouldn't change them.

    My dogs would parade around the ring like any other show dog......then wonder why they didn't win. ;)

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    The video wont load for me for some reason unfortunately. But I bet the dobes are absolutely stunning. Just because most dobes in general are :)


    If my dogs had correct conformation, it's possible. Both of my dogs tend to be quite well behaved in "professional" type settings. And they both know when they're supposed to behave.

    My beagle may not be so good as I can bet he would try to have his nose to the ground the entire time.

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    Do not get a dog for the intention of protection. You should be getting a dog because you love the breed, they will protect you out of instinct even if they are big babies when you are with them. If you want a big dog for that which most do get the dog breed that you love the most from a respectable breeder and then take them to training class's, this will help with the bonding and devotion your dog will give you.

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    They sure are gorgeous! I enjoyed watching the breed judging... watched Papillons & Gordon Setters, too... even picked BoB in Gordies! :-)

    My 2 Gordon Setters are/have been show dogs. Kharma was one of those can't-stand-still dogs, but her movement was to die for. Nick... Nick KNOWS he's beautiful and when he's in the ring, he makes sure everyone else knows it too! Even just around the house, when he's in need of a good grooming, if he wants a treat, he will stack himself and stand motionless. If I am slow in complying with his majesty, he will adjust his position until his feet are perfectly square then look at me like... "WELL? Are you gonna give it to me or not?"

    Yeah... I usually do. :-D


    Julie D- I remember Indy well! I was lucky enough to see her go BiS at Louisville the same year she won Westminster. God, she was STUNNING! Shown by Andy Linton, if I remember right. I was moved to tears watching her in Breed, bouncing all around, and all he had to do was slightly raise the lead and sort of wiggle his finger and she would FREEZE, perfect stack, and NOT MOVE. She was the most amazing animal I have ever seen in my life.

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    Our Siberian Husky has perfect show markings, however he is far to easily over whelmed by the amount of other dogs that would be around, and he would just try and initiate play, turning the show ring into nothing more than a barrage of unorganized chaos.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Gosh, I just love that face! They were all absolutely stunning!

    Legit: I think he would do well on the run around the ring. But when we're standing there he would probably have his nose in everyone's back end!

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