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If Peyton Manning was A Rapper?

Would he be in your top ten Cause i would have Him numba 1 i know ima stan right


Lol at PPe Stop Hatin Peyton Has just as many super bowls as brett favre bretts playoff record is almost the same as peytons lol and john elways Peyton Carried a team to the Super Bowl With No Run Game and a so so defense so you gotta be kidding with the hes over rated stuff

Update 2:

@ Ppe he played the bears defense not rex grossman Idiot they had A top 5 defense that season GTFO

Update 3:

Lol @PPe your just happen to leave out the fact they taped defensive signals Peyton Threw 49 tds With Edge james In the top ten of the league in rushing he went for 1500 plus yards Tell me a qb that can do that cause it damn sure aint brady

Update 4:

Johnny U is Not Better Than Peyton Manning and neither is Brady I Gurantee even Brady would Tell you that

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    if Peyton was a Rapper...he would be dissing Tracy Porter right now.....


    You Mad Doggy? lol...c'mon man lay off on Peyton...the guy has every freaking record known to discredit THAT kind of statistic is pretty crazy...the guy is that great....besides which...Marino is top 5...and thats without a ring...i guess he's overrated too? Say what you want about his playoff stats...his accomplishments completely overwhelm any argument against him....not to mention most of those things you listed are rather petty if your going to downplay him...


    The thing is your making it seem like this is all a secret plan devised by Peyton...and then playoffs hit and then he's on his don't win that many game by ALWAYS playing crappy teams...

    Also even if the Playoffs is a much bigger scale...your still trying to make his career revolve around 18 games...yet he's played about 200 and won about 140 of them.....All the Rookie/Regular season...and hell even Playoff Records he has...

    Also even with the One Super Bowl he does still discredit it as if it were nothing at all...He had to play to get it or not....

    I believe Marshall Faulk was on the team when Peyton was replace him with James...because James is the only one that was Overrated....

    He does throw the ball...he also holds percentage and rating records as well...Speaking of playoffs...doesn't have a Perfect rating as a record....only like 4 dudes have that sh*t.

    I think your going too hard on him my dude....he's blown it a few times...but to act as if he's overrated? C'mon Son...i don't know man....

    And you actually have Elway ahead of Peyton...dude i love marino and elway and even i know better than that...Unitas is the man...but how many championships did he win again? lol...that one ended your argument my can't have someone like Unitas up there with his Track Record and not have Manning....

    Wow cool...i never get to talk

    @CJ: does that CJ stand for Classic Jokes...cause that sh*t is

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    I have him #1 as well brother....Peyton Manning is the best quarterback to ever pick up a football....When it's all said n done as long as he stays healthy, Peyton will lead every important statistical category as far as quarterbacking....Super Bowl rings don't make the quarterback either....Marino has zero and he gets thrown into the GOAT debate more often than Aikman who has 3 and Bradshaw who has 4

    ...and honestly with his work ethic, if he wanted to write raps he would be successful

    and @ PPE- suck my balls dude...2006 AFC championship aka a playoff comeback win for Peyton..against who? Tom Brady...the guy whose nutsack u were riding the sentence before....Brady is a system quarterback and thats why he was successful, just look at what Matt Kassel did when Brady was hurt (11-5). And then look what happened to him at KC (4-12), the Patriots have a great coach, great special teams and had a great defense during their SBs, it's not bc "Brady wouldnt let them lose"

    LOL I forgot, how did they do in the SB when they had Moss? Oh thats right, they lost....and why was that you ask? Because Bill Belichek didn't stick to the "SYSTEM", thats right the "SYSTEM" that won them the previous 3...The Offense was better (but it didnt fit the system), the Defense was better (but it didnt fit the system), and they still had Brady, so I guess do some mental gymnastics and try to explain that then PPE.

    Source(s): and as far as the super bowl..Jim Caldwell was out coached by one of the best coaches out there, and how did he out coach them? Kept the ball out of Peyton's hands...its the only way to beat them...Just ask Belichek and his 4th and 2 call from earlier this year And also Peyton makes the players around him better...The Colts had one of the worst O-lines in the NFL (not counting Saturday) and evidence of that is how they can never run the football. Peyton gets rid of the ball too quickly for defenses to take advantage of the weak line though. And Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie are now pretty much household names...A 6th round pick and a 4th round pick...They are the Colts 3rd and 4th WR and Peyton made them both look like #1's all year. And don't tell me they were good before, bc if they were that good, some other team would have drafted them before 6th and 4th rounds
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    Shut up with Peyton Manning, the guy isnt as great as you make him out to be

    9-9 in the playoffs not very impressive

    He only threw 3 touchdowns the entire playoffs during his only Superbowl run

    Which means his defense won him that ring

    Oh by the way his only ring came agianst Rex freaking Grossman hahaha

    He had a QB rating under 70 in hisonly Super Bowl win

    He threw 5 interceptions against the Patriots in the Playoffs

    He has never had a comeback victory in the playoffs

    He will never be a Tom Brady or Joe Montana, they never lost the game for their teams in the Super Bowl

    Once again when the pressure was on Peyton he threw the crucial pick to lose to the Saints


    @NYI, Greatness is determined by how you play in THE BIG GAMES, not playing 6 good teams out of the year and dominating the lonley teams. Peyton is a great QB but the way people hype him up is crazy. He is a choker, he has been one his entire career. Peyton Manning has been stacked with talent around him, I hope he has the numbers he does. Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokely, Edgerian James, Dallas Clark. Not to mention he throws the ball more than any other Quarterback every year.

    Marino had great players but not like Manning. Marino never lost a game by himself like Manning does year in and year out.

    Seasonal Stats dont mean anything if you dont have that same succes in the playoffs. I belive he only has one or two more touchdowns compared to picks in the playoffs. Now how is he so great. I guess you cant play crappy teams to make your stats look good in the playoffs huh

    Every year the Colts are a dominate team and are just loaded with talent. They finish at or near the top evey year for abou a decade but the ever so great quarterback has one lonely ring against a fluke Bears team that finished 3-13 the next season. Please

    Brady won three rings with his best reciever being TROY BROWN and DEION BRANCH HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Sysytem quartback my a**. Every Superbowl came down to Brady having to drive the Pats into a postion to win the game and EVERY superbowl he did his job. Even in the Giants game, he scored the go ahead touchdown and his defense let up a late touchdown to Burress.

    Dont say he is a sysytem QB,Brady gets a dominate reciever and in his first year throws 50.......50......50 you get that 50 TDS. Peyton has Reggie and Harrison and Stokely and Dallas Clark he couldnt complete such a task. Imagine the numbers Brady would have if he had Harrison and Wayne his entire career.

    And the Pats went 11-5 because they had the weakest strength of schedule out of the ENTIRE NFL that year.

    I dont know why you mentioned his rookie season saying as how he threw 28 ints that year

    But I think Peyton is one of the greatest QBs to play but he isnt the best thats all Im trying to say becuase to bethe best you have to perform well in the BIG GAMES. I dont care what you did against teams that arent in the playoffs Im sorry.

    Joe Montana

    Johnny Unitas

    John Elway

    Dan Marino

    Tom Brady

    Are all QBS I would have ahead of Peyton

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  • 1 decade ago

    Heres the better question....

    If Jake Dellhomme was a rapper would he be worse than or just the same amount of wackness as Soulja Boy?

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  • Kyla
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    Dude become a rapper. That was great. I WOULD DEF. PURCHASE YOU CD'S. All you need is one of you friends to beat box for you.

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  • Anonymous
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    His name would be H.N.I.C because he has a large cranium. His freestyles would be off the chain and albums. His guest appearances would be Marvin Harrison,Edgerin James,EliManning and Tony Dungy. Tony Dungy would do all the album skits.

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  • Hip Hop would be dead!

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  • Joe
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    1 decade ago

    ok now thats just retarded

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