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Wow the IOC threating to cut hockey out of the winter olympics just like they did softball thoughts?

because of how the us beat china 25-1 and the women beat russia 13-0

but hey why complain if you dont want them to score so much do something about it jeeze dont take hockey out

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    First of all stop quoting Troy Aikman's comment during the Cowboys/Vikings football game. Also, this is much much different than the NFL or any other pro sport. Running up the score is very questionable in the Olympics as it's not 100% about winning.

    That being said, it is difficult when one team is so much better than the other. When it comes to women's hockey there are major issues because there are really only 2 teams, Canada and the US. Everybody else almost always loses huge to these teams (with the exception of Sweden in the last Olympics). When there are only 2 teams that can even come close to competing it really makes it a pointless event to have in the Olympics in the eyes of the IOC.

    Mr. B - I see your point on goal differential but I guess I'm just taking what the Olympics are supposed to be. I agree on the whole running up the score thing that it's a tough call. Plus, is it more degrading to opponents when you start playing bad on purpose to make them "feel better"

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    In earlier answers I was also advocating that women's hockey be taken out of the Olympics until the competition can become more balanced. This is one sport where you are guaranteed who will be in the medal game - it's going to be Canada-US. The other womens teams are bad. Some are downright awful and it's a bit of a joke that these women are considered Olympic athletes. While the Canada-US games are good, the rest of the games are horrid to watch - I can catch better hockey at a Friday night beer league anywhere in Vancouver.

    Until three or four more countries can raise their level of play to somewhere near where the Swedes and Finns are now, women's hockey shouldn't be in the Olympics.

    J. - I think it's the other way around. In the NFL, there is no point in running up the score, you just need the win. But in Olympic hockey, goal differential is used as a tie-breaker, so it forces teams to keep scoring. Second, the teams being beat have all said they respected that Canada and the US kept on scoring, they felt it would be more disrespectful if they had stopped trying or 'pitied' them.

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    I have no idea where you're getting those scores from. The US beat China 12-1.

    Currently in Women's hockey there are tiers.

    Canada and the US are in the first tier. Sweden and Finland are in the next tier, and the rest follow. The level of competition will increase as more women start to play. China and the Swiss are emerging teams and could work there way into the second tier in a few years.

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    Because the world has become overrun with a bunch of pansies. Why do you think they don't keep score at children's games anymore.

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  • Anonymous
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    maybe they shouldnt allow other teams to compete who cant keep up.

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    ditto to Dirty Dogs comments!

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