IS TURBO TAX worth getting if I can get my taxes done for Free?

IS TURBO TAX worth getting if I can get my taxes done for Free?

If I get the same amount back I would do it for free but is it possible that turbo tax could get me more money back versus my church that does it for free?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's dependant in the level of confidence you have in the preparer. I would suggest running it through the free edition online, if possible, and do a comparison. Elsewise, save the money and get it done by someone else for nothing.

    Source(s): 12+ years professional preparer
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago is amazing.

    The menus guide you through everything and its 100% free to e-file federal.

    Takes about 20 minutes.

    You can do them, and see if your church people can get you as many deductions.

    I would trust Turbo tax a whole lot more than some older church people.

    Are you thinking of paying for the software package?

    No one does that anymore - its free online.


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  • Eric
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    1 decade ago

    I hope you don't mean buying the Turbo Tax software. I don't know why anybody would do that anymore. You can go to and complete them online without buying the software. If you made under 31,000, your return would be free to e-file. If you made more, it's only about $20 or so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can do your taxes online for free.

    BUT you have to pay to have the e-filed.

    UNLESS, you qualify for the free file, by being low income. I am low income this year, since I am unemployed.

    I tried it out,and I am glad I did. I had filled out my paper form, and compared it to the online form, and in the end I did make an error regarding my unemployment.

    It is helpful that they also transfer all the basic info (W-2s, 1099s, etc.) from the Fed to the state form.

    But, they do charge for the state form. Unless you live in one of 15 or so states that also require the free e-file from them. Anyway.

    I also have to file non-resident for one state and resident for the other. (So that's a total of 3 tax returns I have to do.)

    For the states, I did the same thing, I filed out the paper forms and then checked it against the online and they are both correct.

    I am going to free e-file my Fed, and pay for my e-file for state of residence, BUT I am going to paper file my non-resident. My state returns are so low and the fees are $15 per state--a good chunk for me!

    The online really sets you up to get everything done, it is pretty easy, if you have a basic return.

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  • hyon
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    3 years ago

    I was about to ask this question too yesterday

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