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ok i know the scion tc TRD supercharger is discontinued but is there any place i can still get the whole kit?

im still looking for the trd supercharger for the 05-08 year but is there any place where i can still get the SC kit brand new?

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    its a long shot. you may find a kit, used, but you never know if all the parts are there, or if it was one of the ones that was damaged. cuz they were highly known for failing. you can try and cotact a Toyota/Scion dealership, see if they have them still, maybe have to get it ordered in from somewhere else in the country... and G6er is right, and wrong at the same time. the tC has great low end torque for the supercharger and drives it very smooth, and the TRD 200hp and 186ft lbs tq claims were not at the crank but at the wheels which was good. but id have to say go for a turbo kit. cheaper, and easier to find. if you want the power yet lower maintence of the supercharger, turbo it up, get a professional tune (make sure you get a plug and play turbo kit) and just tune it at 5-6psi, which is about 200-235whp. no worries, just the need to change the oil more frequently, but if you arent going to abuse it, just want a little more power, it should be fine. and in the future you can add more to it for increase power or just leave it as is.

    Dezod has a good turbo kit, easy plug and play system.

    or Ptuning more performance oriented turbo kit.

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    TRD stopped production of the kit in 2009. You probably COULD find a kit somewhere, but it's really going to be hit and miss. Sorta an if your lucky situation. HOWEVER.. might i recomend the trubo kit. small displacement engines are much better suited to a turbo kit anyways as there is less parisitic draw on the small engine. superchargers work much better on engines that have the low end torque to drive them. Take a page out of the Cobalt SS book which originally had a supercharger but now comes with a turbo.

    you may want to check this out.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    superchargers for the tc have a history of blowing engines, as well as malfunctioning. some superchargers that were put on tcs didn't even last past 15,000 miles which is a waste. the thing is, the superchargers have more history of blowing engines more than turbo's do. oh, and there is only the trd supercharger out for the tc currently. as far as i know, there are no plans on any other company producing a supercharger for the tc. the problem with the current supercharge is the design, it shouldn't have been the snail shaped one but rather a roots design. 1) yes, it'd be better to get the car and then turbo it yourself 2) for the money, you will get more hp and torque from a turbocharger than the trd supercharger. you only gain about 40 hp from the supercharger...and you're spending a lot for that minimal amount of hp gain 3) when doing forced induction onto ANY engine that comes stock n/a, it puts added strain on the engine and as a result the engine will die sooner than if you didn't put a turbo or supercharger on it. 4) in the long run, as long as you take care and maintain the car properly it should last you for a long time (until the engine goes out). both have their own set of problems. turbo's are more finnicky and as such require more maintenance (such as changing the oil more often, checking oil temp level before hard driving, check water levels, etc) but in the end, both will have problems if you don't maintain the car properly. there are less things to worry about though with the supercharger, simply because it isn't as complex as the turbo. if you have the money to get it, then go for it. but you must keep in mind that if this is your daily driver and something goes wrong, you could be in trouble. turbo's are defintely more fun to drive around since you don't get a gradual "push you back in your seat" feeling like the supercharger gives you. check out the link i sent you, and read up about turbos vs superchargers. but before installing, you should know stuff about turbo's so you are prepared just in case something happens. understanding how and why turbo's work helps greatly. oh, and if you go turbo i would suggest the turbotoyotas stage 1 kit. at 10 psi you'll be putting out about 300+ hp (depending on the tune you get) so you'll be able to run around with sti's and evo's =] (2nd link) and one more thing, do NOT (if you get a turbo) set the psi ABOVE 10 psi. do NOT. if you do, you will blow your engine (or at least the pistons...which is not good.) the tc's engine can handle up to 350 hp on stock internals which means that it can handle up to that amount without having to have anything done to the engine itself. but, it can only handle a certain amount of pressure. the 05-06 tc's are more turbo friendly since the compression ratio is lower (meaning it can handle more boost.) the newer models aren't so much. you can raise the boost up higher safely after you do some engine work...but usually working on the actual engine is one of the most expensive mods that you can do.

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    Scion Tc Trd

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    DONT GET A TURBO, YOUR GONA SCREW YOUR ENGINE AND VOID YOUR WARRANTY, get the TRD supercharger brand new in EBAY, that's were my father got the 07 tc supercharger kit, and from $3000 dollars it costs, he got it for $800, so good luck ;)

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    you might find it on ebay, if not most of kit. some people will be parting out scions when they get totaled. it doesnt come with a warranty, but it will cost significantly less. i have seen new kits on there too

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    I Have One! And everything u.need for it plus DC sport headers. It is a true beast contact me for more info

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