What do you think about my card collection and how much do you think it is worth? Its not much, but...?


-Vince Carter UD Ultimate Materials Jersey

-Tracy McGrady UD Ultimate Materials Jersey

-Kobe Bryant Basketball Rookies Rookie Card

-Allen Iverson Bowman's Best Rookie Card

-Shaquille O'neil Rookie Card

-Magic Johnson Rookie Card

-Kevin Garnett NBA Hoops Rookie Card

-Tim Duncan Topps Rookie Card

-LeBron James UD V.I.P. Graded by Beckett (9.5)


-Eddie George Pro Line Rookie Card

-Troy Aikman Topps Rookie Card

-Brett Favre Wild Card Rookie Card

-Michael Irvin Pro Set Rookie Card

-Vince Young UD Icons Jersey 94/199

-Marvin Harrison 2007 Threads Jersey 153/250

-Bradie James Topps Fabric of America JerseY

-Antwaan Randle El UD Super Swatch Jersey 158/800

-Dan Marino '94 Fleer Ultra Graded by PSA (7)

-Walter Payton 1983 Topps Graded by PSA (9)


-Albert Pujols 2001 Featured Insert Rookie Card Gem Mint Graded (10)

Lemme know what you think.

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    You have a nice selection of rookies. The important thing is what YOU think of your collection, not what someone else thinks of it, since no two people have exactly the same interests. My thing is hockey, then baseball, with football and basketball at the bottom.

    As for value, I always tell people (I am a veteran collector and get asked similar questions a lot) to collect what they like and not buy something because they think it will be worth a lot of money some day. Buying to produce future value is investing, not collecting (though the two CAN be combined - you can enjoy your investment as a collection while you have it), and successful investing requires hundreds of hours of research, study and making mistakes buying junk. I've done all of that.

    I can't give you a ballpark figure for what you have because I'm not going to take the time to research the individual cards. All I can tell you is that you have cards from the modern era, with more than one rookie card for a lot of players, instead of the days when only one company made cards and there was only one rookie card. The way things are now, the rookie cards are watered down, and you have to have the 'right' version for it to be 'the good one'.

    For example, the Favre rookie to have is 1991 Stadium Club, which is going for around $30 ungraded, $55 in PSA 9 and over $100 in PSA 10. Ungraded Wild Card examples are being sold in 100 card lots for a little over $1 per card. Now, if your Wild Card Favre is one of the 'stripe' versions (5,10...1000), it's a different story. PSA graded 9 or 10, they can be worth a decent amount. A 1000 Stripe PSA 10 sold for $500.

    I can also tell you that you do not have Magic Johnson's rookie card. He shares it with Larry Bird in the 1980-81 Topps set. The first card of Johnson alone was the next year, 1981-82 Topps #21, and it sells for $1- $2, a tiny fraction of his rookie w/Bird.

    Unless you have one of the 'stripe' Favre cards, the most valuable one I see here is the 1983 Payton. Maybe one of the 'jersey' cards is worth amore, but not by a lot. They were the hottest thing going when they first came out ten or so years ago, but there's so many of them now that the novelty is gone and so are the high values. You can get jersey cards of even top names for less than $10.

    Which is why I tell people, "Get it if you like it, not because you think it'll grow in value. It might, or it might not."

  • 1 decade ago

    Nice collection.

    Those jersey cards in particular should get you some nice bucks on ebay.

    From my own experience though, you will get better bids if you put them up for sale during the season, so basketball now and nfl in the fall would be best for getting the most $ possible.

    I think the whole collection could be worth a few thousand if you do some nice posting on ebay for each card individually.

  • 4 years ago

    Get a copy of Beckett Baseball Card monthly. Right now the card market, like many others, is in decline. Unless the cards are very old you can probably expect no more than 50% of the price shown in Beckett. And if you sell to a dealer, expect even less.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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