What is your opinion on downsizing or removing some of the college courses in the Philippines?

In my opinion some of the courses in college are already obsolete in this time and age. For instance let us take the commerce department as an example. What courses are included in the commerce department: marketing, management, economics, banking & finance and accountancy. Why not remove banking & finance, not all graduates of this course will land presumably in a bank. Some will have their own business and run it. So what is the use of finishing banking & finance for? Why not combine the 3 marketing/management and economics in one course. Because all of them are inter-related anyway. And call it another name like MANAMICS. My point is simply, not all college graduates can find a job now a days. So they simply take the first job offer they can find whether this fit to the course they finish or not. In the medical field category everybody wants to be a nurse because they believe someday they will go out of the Philippines and earn a decent living salary not like in the Philippines, the take home pay cannot even take you home. We should be producing more technical people like electronics tech./automotive mechanics/instrument tech. etc. the vocational courses because these are the jobs most likely to out last other jobs. We are producing college graduates like pizza pie and when they entered the real world they cannot be employ because some of their finish courses are not readily available. They are out of course or out of range so to speak. So what do you think?

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    Some suggestion off the top of my head.

    Career guidance counselors in HS to assist the students in choosing the proper course for them in college. Course will be based on students ability not just because they like it.

    Colleges will be allowed to continue to offer certain courses dependent on the number of their graduates who pass the board exams.

    Regulate the total number of enrollees nationwide in certain courses to prevent an oversupply of graduates. Like nursing.

    Give government incentives to students in courses (technical) that are not as popular but needed for economic growth. Offer guaranteed jobs upon graduation.

    Require one year of practicum (internship) for all students and a career placement office from each university to ensure that their graduates land a job IN their field after graduation. Remember, when they graduate, they have 1 year work experience already.

    Trim the bureaucracy by eliminating casuals in government and replace them with interning students. A lot cheaper for the government. Never ending supply of free manpower. Retain the good ones after that internship. Private companies will support the idea of free employees for one year.

    All these might be workable and viable for as long as there is political will. (good question D!)

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  • 4 years ago

    There are lots of courses that will require you to take the Board Exam after college in order to obtain a license/title. Here's a list: Accountancy Aeronautical Engineering Agricultural Engineering Agriculture Architecture Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering Criminology Customs Brokers Dentistry Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering Environmental Planning Fisheries Technologist Foresters Geodetic Engineering Geology Guidance Counseling Interior Design Landscape Architecture Librarians Marine Deck Officers Marine Engineer Officers Master Plumber Mechanical Engineering Medical Technology Medicine Metallurgical Engineering Midwifery Mining Engineering Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Nursing Nutrition and Dietetics Optometry Pharmacy Physical and Occupational Therapy Professional Teachers Radiologic and X-Ray Technology Real Estate Service Sanitary Engineering Social Workers Veterinary Medicine As to your second question, no. That's not true. Pursuing any of the above-mentioned careers is not a guarantee of a good future, if you mean financial stability. Consider the jobs that will be in demand by the time you graduate. Cliche it may sound, discipline and determination are keys to a better future.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No. You cannot combined both economics and banking and finance as they are different field of expertise. They may have the same subjects in the lower years but as they move to higher years subjects in their respected areas are more emphasized.

    Let students decides whether they wanted to take vocational courses, nursing, or other courses they want to pursue.

    However, I agree with you that we are producing college graduates like pizza pie. Some schools should be re-evaluated so as not to hamper the quality of the graduates. Moreover, we should also put more awareness in "college orientation courses" so that students can identify what they want to be before entering college/vocational courses.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You cannot combine the different courses because they have different job descriptions, as far as employment is concerned, although they need to take up 3-4 subjects related to the other courses. But they are only the basic ones. Accountancy for example, it must include ecomonics for accountancy has something to do with it, by doing statements of account or year end reports. As the courses go deeper, the students can have better understanding or more complicated subjects. So, if you will combine just these two courses, well, it's so hard on the part of the students.

    I hope you get my point here.

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  • J@ps
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    1 decade ago

    This has always been the case as far back as I can remember.

    There are just too many college courses & too many people taking them as compared to technical/vocational/skills & other courses that are needed for nation buliding, for easy employment placements, for small business/livelihood opportunities & for blue collar work that are high paying for both local & foreign markets.

    As far as downsizing or removing or adding courses, the government has to do a thorough study on this & update or at least keep up with other similar nations out there, for as I have said, we have seen problems with it for how many decades now. And what used to be the so-called English edge we used to have over other nations in our region has slowly slipped away from us, as there seems to be a problem with elementary & the high school system as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's great because there is such a thing as learning the wrong course. There's too much nursing graduates already.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have a better idea!

    Why not close down all colleges and universities in the country completely?

    College studs will simply love us for this!

    Either that or they will hunt us down with shotguns. I don't know about you, but my trash can is bulletproof!

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