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    馬 馬的象徵 騎馬者 能力 騎馬者的象徵 順序白馬瘟疫攜帶弓箭征服征服第一紅馬屠殺佩劍戰爭戰爭或迫害第二黑馬饑荒攜帶天平饑荒和瘟疫貧困,缺乏食物第三灰馬死亡帶來陰間死亡死亡第四

    Pestilence, War, Famine, and DeathThis interpretation replaces Conquest with Pestilence, which is portrayed as a distinct entity (separate from Death).[16] The first horseman to appear is Pestilence, who rides upon a white horse. In the wake of Pestilence comes War, riding a large, wild red horse and wielding a tremendous sword. In the wake of War, due to immense destruction because of War and Pestilence, is Famine. Famine is portly, and rides upon a black, sickly horse; this represents gluttony and hunger, respectively. And in the wake of Famine comes Death. His horse is pale green. He is followed by Hades and carries the remaining souls to their final destinations.[17]It is this interpretation which is most commonly used as the basis for pop culture's uses of the Four Horsemen concept.[16]

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