What would you name TRIPLETS if... ? {and BQ}?

1) What would you name triplet girls if they all had to have nature themed names as firsts and their middle names had to start with M?

2) What would you name triplet boys if their initials all had to be C.E.?

3) What would you name B/B/G triplets if the first names had to start with D, K, and V and the middle names had to be family names?

4) What would you name G/G/B triplets if the first names had to be after your friends and the middles had to be 'unisex'?

5) What would you name triplet girls if they all had to be flower names as firsts and the middle can be anything?

6) What would you name triplet boys if the first names had to be after your favorite actors and the middle names had to be Christmas themed?

BQ 1 -- If you HAD to name your daughter one of these names, which would it be: Lauren or Savannah?

BQ 2 -- If you HAD to name your son one of these names, which would it be: William or James?

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    1) Willow Madeline, Violet Marie, Rose Michelle

    2) Christopher Eric, Cayden Edward, Collin Emerson

    3) David Charles, Katherine Grace, Vivienne Rose

    4) Abigail Blake, Alyssa Leighton, Jacob Riley

    5) Rose Katherine, Lily Caroline, Violet Rosalie

    6) Taylor Christian, Robert Joseph, John Matthew

    BQ 1 -- Lauren.

    BQ 2 -- William.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Angelica Maxine, Daphne Miranda, Laurel Maia (all first names are plant names)

    2. Christopher Elliot, Clarance Evan, Connor Edward

    3. Daniel Lucas, Kenneth William, Victoria Patrice

    4. Megan Avery, Catherine Madison, David Riley

    5. Angelica Lucille, Daphne Cecile, Laurel Alexis

    6. I'm stumped on this one cause I dont really care so much about individual actors. And I'm also not big on the whole Christian names thing... The best I can come up with is Jonathan Nicholas... After that I really dont have a first name.. nor can I think of anything that is Christmas-y without being Christian.

    1. Lauren. I used to love Savannah (and I still do... on little girls), but it does not age well and it's very limiting. Where as Lauren works well at any age and can commands respect.

    2. William. There are far too many people named James in my family. (My dad is James, my uncle is James, my great grandfather was James, my great uncle was James, etc) And while William is a family name, there are less of them. Plus, I love the sib set Matthew and William and I know that my first born son will be Matthew Allen after my two grandfathers. I plan to use William Lucas for my second boy (both family names on both sides, and William is the name of one of my grandfather's brothers as well as my great grandfather on the other side of my family)

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Summer Mikayla

    Skye Madelyn

    Lily Miranda

    2. Colton E

    Christopher Ethan

    Colby Eric

    3. Derek James

    Karter Russell

    Violet Elizabeth

    4. Kaila Dakota

    Elysia Taylor

    Ryan Avery

    5. Rose Sophia

    Daliah Jaidyn

    Lily Elizabeth

    6. James Gabriel

    Steven Noel

    Hugh Nicholas



  • 1 decade ago

    1. Skye Marie

    Raine Molly

    Dawn Madison

    2. Caleb Elliot

    Caelan Edward

    Clinton Emmett

    3. Dylan James

    Vincent William

    Kassidy Makenna

    4. Kirsten Bailey

    Emily Jordan

    Michael Cohen

    5. Lillian(Lily) Noelle

    Rosalie(Rose) Elizabeth

    Cala(Calla Lily) Addison

    6. Kellan Joseph

    Emmett(played by Kellan Lutz) Moore

    Jackson gabriel

    BQ1. Savannah

    BQ2. James

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Brooke Marie, Autumn Madeline, Lily Maddison,

    2. Caden Elliott, Carter Ethan, Cash Evan

    3. Daniel Paul, Kale David, Victoria Anne

    4. Brianna Taylor, Kelsey Leigh, Michael Cameron

    5. Rose Katrina, Lily Maddison, Clover Selene

    6. Shia Nicholas, Vince Christopher, Dane Joseph

    BQ1: Savannah

    BQ2: James


  • 1. Rose Madeleine, Olive Maureen and Brooke Matilda (Ha, funny, all first names end in an "E"...didn't even try for that!)

    2. Casey Everett, Chandler Ethan and Callum Eric

    3. Dane Richard, Keaton Chase and Vanessa Kathleen

    4. Michaela Vivian (from Michaelie), Kathleen Lauren and James Schuyler

    5. Rose Kathleen, Jasmine Lucille and Violet Nicole

    6. Matthew Joseph (Matthew Gray Gubler! *drools*), Christopher Noel (Chris Meloni) and Daniel Christan (Danny Pinto)

    BQ1: Lauren! I love this name. It's my cousin (BFF!) name and the name of my good friend who died last year... just barely over a year ago. =( BUT, I am dedicated to use this as a middle name. After both them.

    BQ2: James..I love both though! They're both so handsome.


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    1 decade ago

    1. Willow Mia, Acacia May, Skye Marie

    2. Christian Edward, Cameron Elliot, Charlie Emmett

    3. Daniel Joshua, Kyphe William, Valetina Louise

    4. Georgia Peyton, Amy Lee, Joshua Cameron

    5. Lilly May, April Louise, Alyssa Macey

    6. Robert Christian, James Noel, Brad David

    BQ 1. Lauren

    BQ 2. William

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Rose Marie, Lilly Madaline, Skylah Melanie.

    2. Caleb Evered, Craig Edan, Calvin Eric

    3. B/ Daniel Leroy B/ Kennith Rolland G/ Victoria Louisa

    4. G/ Lauren Taylor G/ Jennifer Bailey B/ Aaron Jordan

    5. Rose Marie, Lilly Elizabeth, April Leslie

    6. Ashton Stephen, Jim Grey, Tom Parker

    BQ1-- Lauren

    BQ2-- James

    Gosh a lot of thinking went into this.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Brooke Marie, Sienna May, Willow Maya

    2. Cayden Everett, Christopher Eden, Cale Edward

    3. Dalton Martin, Kevin Stuart, Vivienne Anne

    4. Jessica Riley, Kimberly Reese, Benjamin Rayne

    5. Jasmin Layla, Lilly Tamara, Iris Jayde

    6. Robert Dasher, Ethan Nicholas, Jake Emmanuel

    BQ1- Savannah

    BQ2- James

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Olive Margaret, Lily Moriah, Isla Marlo

    2. Casper Evan, Conan Elliot, Cooper Edwin

    3. Dante Charles, Kaleb Langston, Violet Lola

    4. Amanda Avery, Amruta Emery, Alexander Riley

    5. Laurel Imogen, Bryony Eloise, Gardenia "Arden" Esme

    6. Hugh Nicholas, Matt Gabriel, Bradley Noah

    BQ1 Lauren

    BQ2 James

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