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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceRenting & Real Estate · 1 decade ago

how to see online share market prices?

i am new in share market.and i am just watching the values of shares on websites like

but i did not understand the values like taking example of ONGC

1-live price-1112.00





6-bid price-1111.55

7-bid qty-6

8-offer price-1112.00

9-offer qty-25

can any one tell me the meaning of these terms clearly,and also how can i see price of 1 share?and calculate how much i have to buy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Would need to see where you are getting the terms from.

    The important ones are (prices are all for one share)

    'offer price' = what someone is willing to sell shares for,

    'bid price' = what someone wants to buy shares at

    'high' = highest price someone bought sahres for in the day;s trading

    'low= lowest price someone paid per share in the day's trading

    'change' = comparison to the first sale of shares in the day (opening)

    ---- there should also be two others: 'opening' and 'closing' (the last sale price in the day)

    'volume' = number of shares trades in the day

    bid qty is the number of shares the bidder want to buy at the bid price

    offer qty is the number of shares the offerer wants to sell at the offer price.

    Hope this helps - Note: you tell your broker how many shares you want to buy (or sell); with this request, you can specify "at market" and the broker will do his best to get you (or sell for you)the number of shares you want at the lowest (highest) price available, or you can give a specific price.

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