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How do I convert cm^3 into mL?


77.5 kPa -> atm

81.0 kPa -> atm

850 cm^3 -> ml

720 cm^3 -> ml


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    well 1 cm^3 = 1 mL, so that means 850 cm^3 = 850 mL

    so there's really not much you need to do.

    as far as kPa to atm you should know that 101.3 kPa = 1 atm

    so to convert you need to take your value for kPa and divide it by 101.3 to make the conversion.

    it should look like this:

    77.5 kPa x 1atm/101.3kPa = 0.765atm

    where the units kPa will cancel itself out.

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