Do any state colleges in either Florida or California offer courses in Acting and Special effects makeup?

Does anyone know if any state colleges in either Florida or California offer courses in Acting and Special Effects Makeup for the stage, screen, or both? Thanks. If you could, please name the school, and it wouldn't hurt to post a link to the school's site. Thanks!

Also, if you know of any colleges that aren't necessarily state colleges, feel free to name those as well.

Thanks so much!

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    I live in California and my brother goes to 2 college one in Los Angeles and one in Long Beach.And I heard that Long Beach City College teach you these stuffs.And Long Beach State also teach you these stuff.Good Luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    Add in quota's and affirmative action and colleges will be nothing more than a majority of minority's. When did ability and achievement become dirty words? BarB is, as usual full of (well you know). The scholarship opportunity's she speaks of are out there. Unless you are white. The NAACP provides for it's own, while the other asinine group known as the ACLU takes care of others. This is just another option of someone who isn't smart enough to pull her head out of her butt when she posts. People like her preach equality right up to the point that it is going to benefit a white person, or even worse a white man then it's a biased program and they scream it's not fair. Let's really play fair. Colleges admit students based on performance not skin color, the govt establishes a baseline cost for books, tuition, housing and dining then offers a 4 year student ed package that is actually based on performance. Offer the program for a max of 6 years and voila we solved a lot of problems and even save some tax dollars. Why won't we do this? Because too many people want a hand out not up. The last moronic thing she said was that students weren't bearing the cash burden which is again BULLSUGAR. The reason tuition fees have gone up EVERY YEAR for the last decade by an average of 6.8% is idiotic funding notions like this.

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