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Should I be relieved or hurt?

I added a guy on Facebook who was an old school acquaintance...he declined my friend request. I was kind of surprised! We had 5 friends in common....He and I didn't pal around at all in school but I had a wild crush on him back then. What gives, do you think?? All I can think of is that he didn't remember me...or maybe he got fat and didn't want me to look at him...(His profile pic looks like he gained some weight!)


When he remembers me I was a shy. fat lil tomboy...nothing to look at. Since then, I have matured into a very attractive woman. (Not trying to be vain here but its what I've been told)

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    Be relieved because rejection is part of life. It is normal that not all the people we love loves us back.

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    I'd say neither. If you guys were just acquaintances that's not REAL uncommon for him to do that....but that reason that you gave (him being fat) might be a reason why...who knows :P

    I also agree with what Gee said below.

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    Maybe he doesn't enjoy reminiscing about old school days? I wouldn't take it personally. School was somewhat of a lonely experience for me so I have only added a few close friends.

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    MOVE ON...He doesn't sound worth the aggrevation.......With all the garbage and Spam...on the Internet. he probably has no idea who you are.....Of all the 5 friends you had in common, did you contact any of the others?????? OR did you just try to contact him.....You really need to look at your motives

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    Definitely hurt....sorry

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    umm he probly didnt remember you, dont worry about it try talking to him at school or some thin

    answer mine?

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