First 3 men to recieve the Purple Heart?

I know they were all soldiers during the Revolutionary war but I can't find their names?

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    The first Badges of Military Merit were awarded on May 3, 1783. The first went to Sergeant Elijah Churchill, a 26-year old member of the Fourth Troop of the Second Continental Dragoons from Connecticut. In November, 1780 Sergeant Churchill commanded an attacking force which successfully destroyed a British supply fort on long Island and took 300 prisoners. A year later, in October, Churchill was the only man wounded in a successful raid against the British stronghold at Fort Slongo on Long Island.

    The second "Purple Heart" was bestowed on 20-year old Sergeant Daniel Brown for his actions at the climatic battle of Yorktown on October 14, 1781. British Lieutenant General Earl Cornwallis had moved the bulk of the British Army to a defensive position along the James River in Virginia. Washington laid siege to the fortress and proceeded to unleash a frightful bombing campaign that lasted over a week. The key to the British defenses was a linchpin fort known as Redoubt #10. Led by Colonel Alexander Hamilton, a regiment of Connecticut regulars were ordered to painstakingly clear a passage through the maze of sharp wooden sticks used to protect the fort. Not waiting for the path to be cleared, Sergeant Brown led an attack over the body-piercing obstructions and captured the fort in minutes. Cornwallis soon surrendered in the last major confrontation of the Revolution.

    A month later, a third "Purple Heart" was awarded to Sergeant Daniel Bissell, another Connecticut soldier. Bissell was a spy who posed as a deserter who provided Washington with exacting details on British troop strength and cannon placement around New York City. He was later impressed into British Navy before effecting his escape.

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    As far as is known only three men were ever awarded this Badge of Military Merit. They were Sergeant Elijah Churchill of Enfield, CT, a member of the 2nd Continental Dragoons, Sergeant Daniel Brown of Stamford, CT a member of the 5th Connecticut Regiment Continental Line, and Sergeant Daniel Bissell of East Windsor, CT, a member of the 2nd Connecticut Regiment Continental Line.

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    Source(s): I am the National Director of Public Relations for the Military Order of the Purple Heart.
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