How do spiders spin webs if they cannot fly?

If spiders cannot fly how can they build a spider web that is above the ground?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The spider doesn't have to fly. If a spider wishes to build a web across a wide gap that cannot be crossed by crawling, she lets out a very light-weight (but strong) thread that catches the breeze and is drifted across the gap. Once the thread has found anchorage on the other side of the gap, the spider carefully crosses it and strengthens it by adding more silk to it. After this first line is established the spider can use it to build an off-shoot so that the proto-web is now Y-shaped. The spider continues to make radials (threads that run from the center of the web to anchorage points around the perimeter) until the radials are close enough that the spider can walk between them. That's when the spider goes back and lays in the spiral threads. Some of these threads are non-sticky and merely exist to help the spider move around. Others are sticky and will assist in catching insects. Once the sticky threads are laid in, the spider doesn't need the non-sticky threads and so she'll remove them.

    That's the basic idea...I hope it helps. Good luck!

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