Hi, im a sopohmore in high school, and I take regular classes. I am really good at math, but i don't take AP or any honors classes. However, I am into environmental engineering, and I want to know if i need to take any AP classes to get into environmental engineering. I took honors geometry last year, but i had failed( i made it up in summer school). It was the teachers fault, but im not going to blame it entirely on her...and for the job, I am not cocky at all. It is a field im interested in, because we messed up this world, and we need to fix it. Can you please tell me what to do in high school in order to get into a good environmental engineering classes? thanks!

p.s. as for science, im taking biology, and im planning to take chemistry next year, and any suggestions after that?

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    Environmental engineering have a lot of biology and chemistry with advance math such as calculus and stuff. So the courses that I would suggest in order are biology (also microbiology), chemistry, Calculus, Math (Calculus, and calculus).

    Source(s): I was a fine art major in high school. Did really well in art but horrible in math and science. Went to college and woke up one day and decided to change my major (creative and fun) into boring old civil engineering. I graduated and had worked as an engineer. Undergraduate civil engineering are require to take some environmental engineering courses.
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    Take as much chemistry as you can, and also take a good English writing course because you'll spend a lot of your time writing reports, so you might as well get good at it.

    Otherwise don't worry about it until you get into college.

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    Beside organic and organic Chemistry, Microbiology is likewise cautioned simply by section in sewage therapy calculations of B.O.D. (organic and organic oxygen call for) and C.O.D.(chemical oxygen call for)

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