Cool ideas for decorating my room?

i share a small room(apartment) with my little sister and she doesn't care much about our room but i think our room is so so plan. i have like two posters up on the walls and that's it. my room is small and i want it still to look cool any cheep ideas?by the way, I'm 15 and i like really bright neon colors

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    How about some magnetic chalkboard paint on the walls? You could section of part of a wall.. by using a wood frame, or no frame at all if u prefer, and buy some chalkboard paint and magnetic paint at a local store. Very cool because you can draw with chalk right on the wall, and hang pictures and notes up with cute magnets. Cheap and easy.

    Also, you could spice it up with some nice accessories. You could find some cheap throw pillows that have trim or beads on them, or buy some plain ones and decorate them yourself. Throw blankets are a quick way to spice up bedding too. Consider a big soft faux fur leapord or zebra print blanket or something like it. Plus, I think every girl loves candles, so you could pick up some glasses at a local store or consignment shop. Try to find ones in different sizes, colors, and textures, and fill them with colorful candles. Also, craft stores sell special pens for candles, that are like a glue substance, and you can decorate candles yourself with them. Fill up large vases with fun things like sand and seashells, feathers, beads, faux flowers, anything you like. You could pick up a few large baskets, which easily could be spray-painted to any color you like, and use them to hold your magazines, toiletries, whatever. For the walls you could consider some unique wall sconces, try places like ikea for that. Or even put up a wall mural, they make things that are basicly big stickers that are easy to install and come off no problem if you decide you wanna redecorate later on.

    Also, since you two share a room,you could use paint to help define your own spaces. Paint the walls a neutral color, then choose a different color, or two different matching colors if you choose (one for each of you) and paint the walls that your beds are on with it. This will create accent walls behind your beds. For example, if your beds are on opposite walls facing eachother, you could paint the wall behind your bed a sage green, the wall behind her bed a light blue, and paint the other walls tan or brown. Or, going off of the same idea, you could do each wall a different color, one light blue, one sage green, one tan, and one chocolate brown. If you choose great coordinating colors, this could look really great. Another option is buying stencils from Michaels/Rag Shop/any local craft store, and using them to create a border around your room, or even to divide the room into your own sections. You can get really creative when it comes to paint, so have fun with it.

    Next, you could either take existing furniture, or find some old furniture at a consignment shop and re-do them. It would be pretty easy to sand and paint an old desk and turn it into something bright and unique. It's always cool to have a bright blue desk or something of the sort haha

    Also, you could customize your space with some fabric. You could either buy a canopy for your bed/beds, or simply make something like it that hangs on the wall behind your bed, using some large pieces of fabric you can pick up at any local fabric shop. If you buy the right texture of fabric, you can easily drape and layer it to sort of frame your bed. This will soften and brighten up the space if you pick a great fabric to use. Definantly softens the space and makes it feel more relaxing. Consider a colorful and comfortable area rug too.

    Lets see, shelves are also alwaysss a great idea. Not only are the a decoration, but they function as storage and display. You could either get your regular long flat ones, and staggar them to be creative with them, or you could buy cube shelves. Either way, when you install them try to do something creative with them. Use your room as an expression of your personality. If you need the extra room for storage, buy some cute boxes or baskets to fill up, and label them for easy access. Like i said before, you could easily paint them to brighten them up a bit. Or, if they're simply for display, you could put pretty much anything on them. Trinkets, candles and holders, vases, or you could even decorate your own photo frames. You could go to a print center at a walmart or grocery store, wherever they have them by u, and print your photos in black in white and put them in brightly painted frames. Or I even like the black and white photos that have a pop of color to them.. like you and a friend in black and white, but holding bright red flowers, in a red frame. Something along those lines. You could also glue on glitter, sequins, beads, feathers, small faux flowers, or the cutouts used for scrapbooking. Anything you like. You can get really creative with do-it-yourself projects like this.

    Hope this is helpful! Best of luck!

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    Changing colors can make a big difference and give your a new look. You don't have to repaint the walls. Try new curtains, big throw pillows, maybe a new bedspread. Perhaps a few shelves for books, CDs, plants, or display items you like to collect. Put out new photos of family and friends-or reframe your favorites. Have fun!!

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    Whatever you do ignore that first answer about writing on walls with markers and stealing lights!

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    steal one if those neon lights from a random restaurant. lol. but you can put up more posters or write on your wall with sharpies.

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    You can look on the some models from site.

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